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Student team

The student team of the Green Office consists of student assistants who, among other things, are involved in the organization of activities, making study associations more sustainable and the social media of the Green Office. Currently the student team consists of the following students:

Malcolm D. Davis

Josh Bruegger
Studentassistent Associations & Events

"Transitioning from a Bachelor's in Artificial Intelligence to a Master's in Energy and Environmental Sciences, I've found a unique intersection for my interests at the Green Office. Here, I serve as a bridge between the University's Associations and sustainable practices, notably through our Green Label and Subsidy programmes, which encourage associations to think critically about their environmental impact and help them financially to implement solutions. Looking ahead, I aim to combine my tech background with sustainability to make meaningful contributions to a greener future."

Sustainable tip: For immediate impact, reduce your meat and dairy consumption and opt for a bank that doesn't invest in fossil fuels. Every choice counts!


Harm Verbeek
Student assistent Coordinator Ambassadors

“From a young age I was taught to care about our planet and the people living on it. When I started my bachelor’s in Human Geography and Planning, I was excited to see this aspect also reflected in my studies and within the university. Working at the Green Office, I hope to have a positive influence on people’s way of studying and working.

I believe real change comes from ambitious individuals coming together to strive for the same goal. That is why I am excited to be able to support such individuals within our university in the Green Office Ambassador programme.”

Sustainable tip: Put on your favourite song when you get into the shower. At the end of the song you will know it is time to get out. This will not only make your shower more fun, but it is also helpful to ensure you're not showering for an unnecessarily long time.

Rik Klement

Amelia Zawadzka
Student assistant Education & Research

"I am a true believer in the fact that policy and commitment to new processes can change our communities into highly sustainable ones. I have engaged with sustainability notably through competitions such as the National SDG Challenge, in which I experienced how real, creative sustainability solutions can scale to change the way we think about how our organizations, cities and countries operate. As a law student, I am particularly interested in how policy can be the driving force of sustainable processes, particularly at the EU level. I have also supported the work of climate lawyers, who face danger and discrimination in various countries around the world for their work in supporting victims of climate crimes.

As the student assistant of Research and Education, I bring together people to think about these topics, broadening awareness on problems and solutions, and pushing forward various sustainability projects. I aim to get students and professionals interested, engaged and active in answering climate-related questions."

Sustainability tip: Be mindful of just how much single-use materials you use! Even in one day, if you grab an iced coffee in a plastic cup, go grocery shopping and grab vegetables in plastic and and buy a single-use bag, then you go through a lot of waste if you throw all those away at the end of the day. Reuse your bags, cups and bottles!

Eline I. Bolt

Meerke Romeijnders
Student assistent Administrative and Organizational Tasks

"I've always had a strong interest in sustainability, but I often felt that I couldn't do much to make a real impact. However, it wasn't until I worked on my Computing Science thesis focused on sustainability that I truly understood how vital this subject is and how many ways there are to make a difference, big or small. In my role at the Green Office, I support administrative and organizational tasks and help think along for making our future greener. I hope to bring a different perspective to the table, drawing from my tech background to help contribute towards a more sustainable future. 

Sustainable tip: Try to reduce your digital footprint by unsubscribing from newsletters and promotional emails you don't find interesting anymore. Also, try to delete or archive emails and remove old accounts you do not use anymore. While often overlooked, small changes like these can make a big difference!"

Lennart van Drunen

Gijs Boesjes
Student assistant Climate Impact

“From my background in natural sciences, it is easy to view climate change as a problem that can be solved by science and technology. In the past years, however, I have more and more realised how important it is to consider societal and political aspects in creating sustainable solutions for the future. Through my work at the Green Office, I can contribute to raising awareness and changing behavioural patterns to ensure a more sustainable future for the University, its staff and its students.

After finishing my BSc Astronomy at the UG, I am currently obtaining my master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Sciences, where I have taken an interest in the modelling of the Earth’s climate and Human-Environmental Systems.” 

Sustainable tip:
Don’t throw away leftover food! Challenge yourself in using as much of the produce you buy. Leftovers from the day before or scrap bits from your cooking prep can be used again to create wonderful soups, stir-fries, sauces or stocks.

decorative image

Merel van Ramshorst
Student Assistant Communication

"With a background in criminal law, I've always had a passion for justice and social issues. After completing my master's in criminal law, I decided to expand my horizons and delve into the ever-evolving realm of social media and society.

Studying the master's program in Social Media and Society has been an eye-opening experience. It's allowed me to understand the profound impact of digital communication on our world today. As my study programme does not have a focus on sustainability, I'm excited to use my communication skills to promote sustainability and engage with the Green Office community."

Sustainable tip: Make the most of your freezer! I'm passionate about reducing food waste, so if I ever feel like food might spoil, I simply freeze it, and it stays fresh for a long time. Leftover dinners also find their way into my freezer for future meals. Alternatively, when I plan to enjoy them for lunch, I store them in my fridge and reheat them: that helps saving money as well!

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