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About the Green Office

The Green Office is part of the Sustainability Program of the university and consists of students and staff members. The Green Office coordinates and initiates projects related to sustainability at the University. We connect, inform, and inspire students and staff members about how to act more sustainable and show them why this is important.

In addition, we influence policy and business operations of the UG to ensure that they are more sustainable. Our goal is to make sustainability an integral part of the University of Groningen and to keep sustainability on the agenda.


The Green Office strengthens and integrates sustainability within the University of Groningen by supporting, connecting and inspiring both staff and students. The Green Office uses the Sustainability Roadmap as a starting point for all activities.


The objectives of the Green Office can be broadly summarized in the following points:

  • Increase the visibility and recognizability of the Sustainability Program within the UG
  • Inform students and staff members about the sustainable efforts of the UG
  • Integrate sustainability within business operations and Education & Research
  • Providing support and promoting sustainable initiatives initiated by students and staff members
  • Encourage sustainable behaviour amongst students and staff members (at home and work)

The University of Groningen offers external parties the possibility to provide a service for the university. The Green Office advocates for the most sustainable option of these external services and provides advice on this matter. The Green Office has been for example partner in the tenders for printing, catering, sanitation, and transport.

Organization chart of the Green Office

The Green Office consists of a team of employees and student assistants. The the Green Office has a Sounding Board (since 2014) that provides the organisation with advice and that monitors the activities and ambitions of the Green Office.

We often work on projects together with student organisations, colleagues of other departments and faculties and external parties. Also, we are supported by volunteers and student ambassadors from the Green Office Embassies.

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