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Sustainability Sounding Board

The Sustainability Program has a Sounding Board (since 2014) that provides the organization with advice and that monitors the activities and ambitions of the Sustainability Roadmap.

The Sustainability Sounding Board (SSB) has a network function in the field of sustainability with the aim of sharing knowledge and connecting and inspiring staff and students. The SSB has an advisory role towards the Green Office, University Council, Faculties and the Board, where both solicited and unsolicited advice can be given. The SSB is composed of employees from research, education, staff and support staff from the faculties and services of the UG. Not all faculties are currently represented in the SSB, we are looking into how we can achieve this in consultation with the faculties.


Since the topics that the Sounding Board discusses are too widespread and varied, the sounding board is split up in three groups: Business Operations, Education & Research and student activition and a Policy Group. Next to the plenary meetings, these groups meet once or twice a year in an informal setting to present their results and exchange ideas, experiences, do’s and don’ts. They can choose to meet more often or to work online if they deem it necessary. Members can also join a group that they are not usually represented in, if a specific subject is of interest.

Tasks of the SBB members (in general): 

  • Participating in the group meetings once a month (ca. 1h each)

  • Participating in the general SBB meetings (twice a year)

  • Exchange ideas for projects (their development, assessment and/or improvement) 

  • Providing feedback on Green Office’s proposals for projects, policies and collaborations (once every few months based on members’ expertise and interest)

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