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Sustainability at the UG

Sustainability in the DNA of the university
Roadmap sustainability

Sustainability is one of the key values of the University of Groningen. This means that the UG aims to integrate sustainable development into all facets of the University. Not only in teaching and research, but also in University business operations. The UG feels responsible for future generations and a sustainable society, and wants to make an active contribution to this end. In addition, the University hopes to set an inspiring example, promoting sustainability in a transparent way and actively involving and facilitating students in sustainable activities.

The new Sustainability Roadmap has been developed through collaboration between the Green Office (as part of the Sustainability Programme) and academics, service units, faculties, staff members and students. The new ambitions and goals as laid out in the Roadmap have been formulated around the central themes of Planet (the UG to become a CO2-neutral university by 2035), Performance (more involvement of students, staff members and external parties in sustainability) and People (a sustainable HR policy for a dynamic and healthy organization).

All ambitions are represented in one visual overview, from biodiversity to sustainable tendering and from waste separation to interdisciplinary research. For more information and elaboration on the various ambitions, you can consult the full Roadmap.

"We need to act sustainably if we want to create a sustainable world. That might sound obvious, but in fact it is not. We see it as our task as a university to inspire people and to involve them in the topic of sustainability. The UG wants to take an exemplary role in this regionally and internationally, in its teaching, research and business operations. The new Sustainability Roadmap is therefore also a part of our strategy. To this end, over the coming five years, we will be working on aspects including fossil-fuel-free transport, full circular waste management and 100% sustainable tendering. The UG also aims to be CO2-neutral by 2035. The full package of measures will ensure that the UG takes up its responsibility to protect our Earth, now and in the future."

Prof. J. (Jouke) de Vries
President of the Board

The Sustainability Roadmap 2021-2026 and the new sustainable ambitions are a continuation of the Sustainability Programme and the Sustainability Roadmap 2015-2020.

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