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Sustainable student organization

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Green Subsidies

Do you want to make the organization of your association more sustainable? The Green Office can help you! The Sustainability Subsidies offered by the Green Office provide financial aid for associations to implement impactful sustainability initiatives. Associations eligible for the CUOS Graduation Fund can apply for up to €1000 in funding, spread across up to 2 initiatives. It is also possible to apply jointly with other associations.

Questions or remarks? Feel free to reach out to us through Discord or via email at greenoffice

Application Deadline: January 26th 2024, 23:59 CET

Some things have changed. What’s new this year?
  • Changes in participation requirements: No need to indicate participation before submission anymore.

  • Participation in Green Label Programme Required: Associations applying for Green Subsidies must also apply for a Green Label.

  • Impact Reporting: After implementing the initiatives, associations must submit a brief report outlining their impact and effectiveness.

Is my association eligible?

To be eligible to request a Green Office subsidy, your association needs to be recognized in the Graduation Fund list of the Central Executive Board for Student Organizations (CUOS).

What can I get a subsidy for?

The Green Subsidies are intended to financially assist concrete initiatives that induce positive and impactful changes to move towards more sustainable associations. Applications are assessed individually and initiatives can be of different nature, so there is no clear list of what you can ask a subsidy for; however, these are the general guidelines:

- The initiative should be concrete, well-planned and feasible.
- The initiative must induce positive changes in your association’s sustainability.
- The initiative should have a high impact and reach many of your members.
- The initiative should preferably contribute to lasting change and should not require another subsidy to last.

For ideas and examples of previously funded initiatives, see the Green Subsidy FAQ below.

How are applications reviewed?

Applications are individually reviewed by the Green Office. Decisions are based on:

  • Projected sustainability impact
  • Feasibility and quality of the plan
  • Compatibility with the University’s policy.

Green Subsidies Timeline

  • Applications Open: November 13, 2023

  • Application Deadline: January 26, 2024 at 23:59 CET

  • Decisions will be announced before February 16, 2024

Sounds great! How do I apply?

Applying for Green Subsidies is easy:

1. Review the programme timeline above.
2. Fill the Subsidy Application PDF Form (download it here) using a web browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome)
3. Submit your filled form via the button below before January 26, 2023, 23:59 CET.


Additional questions can be directed through the Association Discord Server or greenoffice

Q: What if our initiative changes after applying?
A: Contact the Green Office to discuss amending your application. Funding may be adjusted if the scope changes.

Q: Who owns materials purchased with subsidy money?
A: Purchased items are the property of the funded association.

Q: What are some example initiatives? A: Here are some examples of previously funded initiatives: - Upgrading to energy-efficient lights, appliances, etc. - Replacing disposable items with reusables - Workshops/events focused on sustainability - Making events more sustainable - Reducing the environmental impact of your association’s operation - Connecting members to social organizations such as Humanitas or the food bank

Q: When will I receive the subsidy? A: Associations whose requests have been approved will initially have to fund their initiative themselves. After the initiative is implemented, a brief report on the impact of the initiative must be sent to the Green Office. Associations must participate in the Green Labels programme, after which the Green Subsidy decision letter, receipt(s) and relevant proof can be sent to the Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC) to receive the subsidy. Full details are provided upon approval.

Q: Can I apply for the same initiative with another association? A: It is possible to apply jointly with other associations, in which case, for each participant, the join application counts towards the limit of two initiatives and €1000 maximum funding.

Green Labels

Take your organisation’s sustainability to the next level with our Green Labels. These come in Bronze, Silver, or Gold tiers and offer a transparent way to measure your association’s sustainability efforts. Not only can you proudly display your label physically and on your website, but you can also engage in friendly competition with other student associations to achieve higher sustainability goals

Questions or remarks? Feel free to reach out to us through Discord or via email at greenoffice

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