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General Law Studies and History of Law

Address:Oude Boteringestraat 18
9712 GH Groningen
The Netherlands


Bochove, dr. T.E. van
Researcher Byzantine Law
Eding, mr. M.
Lecturer and PhD candidate
Meijering, dr. R.
Assistent professor (University lecturer) / researcher Byzantine Law
Penna, mr. D.
Assistant professor (University lecturer) / researcher Byzantine Law
Ratniece, L., PhD
Assistant professor
Roorda, mr. dr. B.
Associate Professor
Runia, dr. mr. H.H.
Assistant professor (University lecturer)
Tongeren, mr. J.H.S. van
Lecturer / (PhD) researcher
Vols, prof. mr. dr. M.
Professor of Public Order Law
Westerhof, mr. W.J.
PhD candidate/teacher
Wierenga, mr. A.J.
specialist emergency law - researcher
Wind, mr. R.C.
Lecturer and PhD-student Legal Methods
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