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General Law Studies and History of Law

Address:Turftorenstraat 21
9712 BM Groningen
The Netherlands


Bochove, dr. T.E. van
Researcher Byzantine Law
Brandsma, prof. mr. F.
Professor of Roman law
Brouwer, prof. mr. dr. J.G.
professor of Legal Methods
Bruijn, L.M., LLM
Ph.D. Candidate / Lecturer
Eding, M.
Jensma, mr. L.
Teacher/Researcher Legal Methods
Jonkers, mr. T.
affiliated lecturer/researcher (Maastricht University)
Kolkman, prof. mr. dr. W.D.
Professor of Legal Science and Family Property Law
Koornstra, J.
PhD Candidate / Lecturer
Meijering, dr. R.
Assistent professor (University lecturer) / researcher Byzantine Law
Mulders, drs. K.E.A.
Secretary Department of Legal History
Penna, mr. D.
Assistant professor (University lecturer) / researcher Byzantine Law
Roorda, mr. dr. B.
Assistant Professor
Runia, mr. H.H.
Assistant professor (University lecturer)
Vols, prof. mr. dr. M.
Professor of Public Order Law
Wierenga, mr. A.J.
Lecturer, researcher
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