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© Hitesh Choudhary / Unsplash

De wisselwerking tussen mens en AI in de samenleving

Datum:07 juli 2021
Jan Post is buitengewoon hoogleraar aan de RUG en werkzaam bij Koninklijke Philips. Sinds de winter is hij kwartiermaker van de AI-hub Noord-Nederland. Hij vertelt over de mogelijkheden en het belang van AI in de samenleving.
Matt Coler

Spraaktechnologie: zo veel meer dan een voice assistant

Datum:01 juni 2021
Auteur:Team Industry Relations
Matt Coler is een universitair hoofddocent in taal en technologie bij de Campus Fryslan van de RUG. Hij doet samen met zijn onderzoeksgroep onderzoek naar spraaktechnologie.
UG connects: AI & energy

UG connects: AI & energy

Datum:07 januari 2021
In this blogpost we will share the video pitches to illustrate research on AI & energy within the University of Groningen.
UG connects: hydrogen

UG connects: hydrogen

Datum:14 december 2020
Auteur:Team Industry Relations

The University of Groningen (UG) is highly engaged with innovative and interdisciplinary research on hydrogen. The usage of hydrogen in our society is a very relevant and actual topic, which has economic-, judicial-, and social aspects. Here, you can find...

©Unsplash: Adam NieĊ›cioruk

Fine-tuning the drug approval process.

Datum:07 december 2020
To decide whether to allow a newly developed drug to the market or not, a lot of factors need to be taken into account. Evaluating effects and side effects requires precise standards, sometimes they are life and death decisions. Dr. Don van Ravenzwaaij researches current practices of drug approval from a statistical standpoint. He contributes an inspiring perspective to look at numbers. Since AI research is constantly looking for new ways to evaluate and organize data, looking at common practices of other disciplines can be of great value.
©Unsplash: Stephen Dawson

Marketing: balancing data analytics and privacy

Datum:27 oktober 2020
Auteur:Team Industry Relations
Data is the new oil fueling marketing activities. It helps to target the right customers at the right time with the right instrument. But recent privacy regulations limit its use. So, how do marketers make the most out of these data without breaking privacy rules? Jaap Wieringa, professor at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Groningen, and his team give answer to this question by developing new marketing models that prove: targeted marketing is possible, even in the face of privacy concerns.
©Unsplash: Romain Vignes

Reading Between the Lines - Artificial Intelligence in Linguistics

Datum:13 oktober 2020
Auteur:Team Industry Relations
Every day billions of words are written, people write short texts, long texts, formal texts and informal gibberish. Language is a big part of how we communicate what we think, how we feel and who we are. To every text, there is more meaning than just the words itself. How to make sense of it all? Professor Malvina Nissim from the Center for Language and Cognition (CLCG) of the University of Groningen (UG) researches the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in linguistics. She is specifically interested in author profiling - finding out about characteristics of an author by analyzing the text.
© photo: Photos Hobby on Unsplash

Understanding Human and Artificial Intelligence

Datum:22 september 2020
Auteur:Team Industry Relations
Artificial intelligence is in the spotlight in today’s world and it gets more attention than human intelligence. Still, human intelligence and artificial intelligence are closely related. People use metaphors of the human brain to explain artificial intelligence and there are many similarities regarding the architecture of both. In professor Niels Taatgen’s group, this relation is turned around. They work on a cognitive architecture called PRIMs that puts artificial intelligence to work to achieve a better understanding of the human brain. Understanding human intelligence is a huge challenge, but improved understanding holds great potential for psychology and AI research alike.
© photo: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Cutting Crime Impact - the human rights and ethics watchdog

Datum:15 september 2020
Auteur:Team Industry Relations
Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are confronted with difficult decisions regularly. They need to decide on effective policing, recidivism of criminals and find ways to improve overall security. Those are complicated decisions which should be taken based on facts and data. This complex collection and analytics exercise is increasingly supported by algorithms assisting LEAs, because they are capable of including more information in the decision-making. However, when automated decisions come into play, a close look at details is needed since lives of citizens and groups are shaped by technology. Oskar Gstrein, Assistant Professor at the Department of Governance and Innovation at Campus Fryslân, works on a Horizon 2020 project called Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) to solve ethical, legal and social issues in automated law enforcement.
AI Series: Bart Verheij- Hybrid Intelligence: Expanding Human Intellect with Artificial Intelligence

Hybrid Intelligence - Expanding Human Intellect with Artificial Intelligence

Datum:10 september 2020
Auteur:Team Industry Relations
Is artificial intelligence (AI) good or bad? The question is as old as AI itself. Professor Bart Verheij, Head of Department Artificial Intelligence in the Bernoulli Institute of the University of Groningen has his mind already made up. He wants to make this clear with his involvement in the Hybrid Intelligence project.