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Ancient History

Bootsma, K.PhD student Political History, Gender History, (the history of) Women in the Military, Gender and War, Civil-military Relations, Security Studies. History
Britton, T.M., MAPhD CandidateHellenistic history; Hellenistic kingship; city-ruler relations
Daniels, drs. J.S.
Danon, dr. B.
Dickenson, C.P., PhD
Drijvers, dr. J.W.Associate Professor/Reader in Ancient History Late Antiquity, Culture of leadership in the late Roman Empire, Christianization of the Roman Empire, Late-antique historiography (Ammianus Marcellinus), Latin panegyrics
Hove, dr. R. VanAssistant Professor of Ancient History- history of archaic and classical Greece
- ancient religion
- divination
- Athenian law and rhetoric
- Greek epigraphy
- cultural history
Kamphorst, S.M., MAPhD studentEpigraphy, Hellenistic history, ancient inter-city relations
Katevaini, A., MA
Nijf, prof. dr. O.M. vanProfessor of Ancient History Political, Cultural and Social History of the Greek city in the Hellenistic and Roman periods;  Sport history, Greek Festivals, Epigraphy, Citizenship, Funerary culture . History
Pagkalos, dr. M.Lecturer in Ancient History & Research FellowMemory in the ancient world; Classical Reception; Greek and Roman history and culture; Political thought; Historiography; Epigraphy; Ancient numismatics; Hellenistic kingship; Digital Humanities.History
Pelgrom, dr. J.Assistant ProfessorRoman Imperialism and Colonialism, Roman Republic, Roman Rural History, Hellenistic Italy, History of Ideas, Landscape archaeologyHistory
Schievink, P., MAPhD-Candidate Ancient history; Graeco-Roman Religion; Asklepios History
Schulman, J.E., MADoctoral Candidate Ancient History; Late Antiquity; Latin Panegyric
Sieiro van der Beek, T.C., MA MA
Speksnijder, S.A.PhD student Roman History, social and cultural history of the Late Republic and Early Empire, Roman eating rituals, Roman greeting rituals, social hierarchy.   History
Toor, C.J. van, MAPhD student History of Greece and the Greek East (Hellenistic and Roman periods)
Funerary epigraphy
Mortuary archaeology
Vari, V., M
Vliet, dr. E.C.L. van derSenior Lecturer Archaic Greece: state formation, anthropological approaches; Classical Athens: political culture; ethnograpphy in Classical Antiquity: Strabo History
Vliet, R. van, MAPhD CandidateAncient history, in particular the (early) Roman and Hellenistic period, Greek and Roman interaction, cults and festivalsHistory
Wijma, dr. S.M.Research fellow Ancient Greek history, Athenian polical culture, Athenian polis religion, Athenian epigraphy, reception of the Persian Wars in antiquity. History
Williamson, C.G., Drsenior lecturerurbanization, landscape, deep-mapping, network theory, ritual performance, cultural interaction, collective identity, territorial formation, Hellenistic Asia MinorHistory
Wiznura, A.J.R., MAPhD CandidateHellenistic history, Thessaly, network theory, cults and festivals, regional identityHistory
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