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Publicaties 2004

Hieronder vindt u de publicaties van de vakgroep Farmaceutische Biologie in 2004. Indien u op een artikel klikt, dan wordt u (indien mogelijk) automatisch naar het artikel doorgelinked.

Bacillus subtilis as cell factory for pharmaceutical proteins: a biotechnological approach to optimize the host organism. Westers L, Westers H, Quax WJ. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2004 Nov 11;1694(1-3):299-310.
Chemical characterisation of three haemolytic compounds from the microalgal species Fibrocapsa japonica (Raphidophyceae). Fu, M., Koulman, A., van Rijssel, M., Lützen, A., de Boer, M.K., Tyl, M.R., Liebezeit, G. Toxicon 43(4):355-63.
Comparison and functional characterisation of three homologous intracellular carboxylesterases of Bacillus subtilis Droge,M.J.; Bos,R.; Boersma,Y.L.; Quax,W.J.  Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic. Volume32, Issues 5-6: 261-270.

Composition of the essential oils of Kaempferia rotunda L. and Kaempferia angustifolia Roscoe rhizomes from Indonesia Woerdenbag HJ, Windono T, Bos R, Riswan S, Quax WJ, FLAVOUR AND FRAGRANCE JOURNAL 19 (2): 145-148.

Cytotoxicity studies of Dynasan 114 solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) on RAW 264.7 macrophages-impact of phagocytosis on viability and cytokine production. Kayser O. Olbrich C, Scholer N, Tabatt K, Muller RH. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2004 Jul;56(7):883-91.

FlhF, the third signal recognition particle-GTPase of Bacillus subtilis, is dispensable for protein secretion.  Zanen G, Antelmann H, Westers H, Hecker M, van Dijl JM, Quax WJ. J Bacteriol. 2004 Sep;186(17):5956-60.

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Lignan profile of Linum meletonis. Koulman A, Konuklugil B, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 32 (2004) 91-93
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Modulation of the thoredoxin pathway. Dubois J-Y, Eschevings C, Bron S, Quax WJ, Van Dijl JM, Patent: WO 2004/056987 A1
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Mutational analysis of a key residue in the substrate specificity of a cephalosporin acylase.

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Selection of novel lipases and esterases for enantioselective biocatalysis

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