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A tribute from em. professor Ton Schoot Uiterkamp to late professor Berendsen23 March 2023
Second International Conference on New Pathways for a Just and Inclusive Energy Transition: Connecting Multiple Stakeholders and Levels21 March 2023
ESRIG scientist Sanderine Nonhebel amongst most talented women12 March 2023
CIO researchers contribute to a new study; the largest to date of ancient Europeans’ DNA09 March 2023
Professor Klaus Hubacek: Unnecessary burden of war. Governments react inefficiently to soaring energy prices19 February 2023
New publication of professor Klaus Hubacek and co-authors: EU consumers 'export' environment damage14 February 2023
Second International Conference on New Pathways for a Just and Inclusive Energy Transition: Connecting Multiple Stakeholders and Levels14 February 2023
New publication of professor Machteld van den Broek and co-authors; Effect of modelling choices in the unit commitment problem14 February 2023
Dr. Franco Ruzzenenti speaks at meeting about energy complexity14 February 2023
Dr. Rene Benders explains his longtime research14 February 2023
Associate professor Sanderine Nonhebel in the national media14 February 2023
Associate professor Machteld van den Broek teaches Lions13 February 2023
Hydrogen Promise or Hype? Professor Machteld van den Broek participates in a Studium Generale on Hydrogen13 February 2023
Associate professor Sanderine Nonhebel was at the National Protein Debate13 February 2023
Associate professor Sanderine Nonhebel in the national media; supermarkets will stop flying in fruit and vegetables, but does that really help the climate?07 February 2023
ESRIG celebrates two researchers; Klaus Hubacek and Yuli Shan on Highly Cited Researchers 2022 List04 February 2023
Splendid ESRIG symposium celebrates 10 th Anniversary12 November 2022
Professor Klaus Hubacek and co authors publish new findings about the impact of carbon taxatation and revenue redistribution on poverty and inequality11 November 2022
Professor Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki new ESRIG Director31 October 2022
We are looking for a Tenure Track Assistant Professor (Education) ‘Energy, Environment and Society’ (222643)28 September 2022
Associate professor Sanderine Nonhebel was in the national news regarding the high amount of water needed to grow advocados08 September 2022
Inspiring excursion to the historic landscape of the Drentse Aa01 September 2022
Prof. Klaus Hubacek, Dr. Yuli Shan and co authors publish new innovative study; China’s cities are leading the way on carbon reduction29 August 2022
PhD position: Innovative financial instruments for sustainable landscapes (222540)03 August 2022
We warmly welcome and introduce associate professor Paul Upham28 July 2022
UK leading Academy of Social Sciences conferms honorable award to professor Klaus Hubacek14 July 2022
First round of UEF Grants for M20 PhD Program awards PhD position at Agricola School for Sustainable Development13 July 2022
Farewell symposium Henny van der Windt30 June 2022
'I get a kick out of teaching' | Lovely interview with Prof. Ton Schoot Uiterkamp13 January 2022
Marta Schulte-Fischedick and Dr. Yuli Shan win FSE Impact Awards10 December 2021
Dr. Yuli Shan (IREES) wins FSE Postdoc Prize30 November 2021
Global low-carbon energy transition in the post-COVID-19 era24 November 2021
ESRIG celebrates two researchers on Highly Cited Researchers 2021 List16 November 2021
Evidence of decoupling consumption-based CO2 emissions from economic growth10 November 2021
Landscape-level vegetation conversion and biodiversity improvement after 33 years of restoration management in the Drentsche Aa brook valley10 November 2021
Imagining the Anthropocene with the Wadden Sea26 October 2021
Countermeasures against economic crisis from COVID-19 pandemic in China: An analysis of effectiveness and trade-offs14 October 2021
Updates by Henk Mulder on Science Shops12 October 2021
The impact of biogas production on the organic carbon input to the soil of Dutch dairy farms?17 September 2021
Sample-Based Estimation of Tree Cover Change in Haiti Using Aerial Photography: Substantial Increase in Tree Cover between 2002 and 201017 September 2021
Nature Food: Shifts towards healthy diets in the US can reduce environmental impacts but would be unaffordable for poorer minorities07 September 2021
Shifting expenditure on food, holidays, and furnishings could lower greenhouse gas emissions by almost 40%23 August 2021
A global North-South division line for portraying urban development23 July 2021
Implications of COVID-19 lockdowns on surface passenger mobility and related CO2 emission changes in Europe14 July 2021
What makes district heating cooperatives successful? | Final report "Neighborhood Heat" project07 July 2021
Klaus Hubacek was part of a team of 29 researchers from six continents that examined the latest, globally available emissions data for the decade leading up to 201805 July 2021
De dilemma's van groene groenten29 June 2021
The effect of industrialization and globalization on domestic land-use: A global resource footprint perspective21 June 2021
Windmolens in de achtertuin en zonneparken voor de deur, maar het grote geld gaat naar projectontwikkelaars en China. Aan de worsteling van Groningen met de energietransitie komt voorlopig geen einde | DVHN longread31 May 2021
A review of hybrid renewable energy systems in mini-grids for off-grid electrification in developing countries29 April 2021
Ghg Balance of Agricultural Intensification & Bioenergy Production in the Orinoquia Region, Colombia11 March 2021
Quantifying economic-social-environmental trade-offs and synergies of water-supply constraints: An application to the capital region of China01 March 2021
Energy and carbon footprints for irrigation water in the lower Indus basin in Pakistan, comparing water supply by gravity fed canal networks and groundwater pumping01 March 2021
Unreflective use of old data sources produced echo chambers in the water–electricity nexus23 February 2021
Are bioplastics REALLY better for the planet? | Interview with Klaus Hubacek05 February 2021
Chinese cities exhibit varying degrees of decoupling of economic growth and CO2 emissions between 2005 and 201512 January 2021
Article in Nature Climate Change: Impacts of COVID-19 and fiscal stimuli on global emissions and the Paris Agreement | Yuli Shan and Klaus Hubacek23 December 2020
Pandemic and forthcoming stimulus funds could bring climate targets in sight – or not22 December 2020
Groningen puts climate adaptation on the worldwide map in January16 December 2020
ESRIG newsletter | December14 December 2020
SuSo PhD Grant for PhD student Dan Wang01 December 2020
IREES celebrates 3 researchers on Highly Cited Researchers 2020 List26 November 2020
ESRIG newsletter | November03 November 2020
Reusing tableware can reduce waste from online food deliveries | Interview with Yuli Shan by Science Linx25 September 2020
PhD position in Complex Networks and Maximum Entropy Production Principle (220299)22 September 2020
Article in Sustainability: Mapping the Dutch Energy Transition Hyperlink Network | Nuccio Ludovico and Franco Ruzzenenti17 September 2020
Article in Nature Food: Sharing tableware reduces waste generation, emissions and water consumption in China’s takeaway packaging waste dilemma | Yuli Shan16 September 2020
Article in Journal of Cleaner Production: Household carbon and energy inequality in Latin American and Caribbean countries | Klaus Hubacek08 September 2020
Article in Journal of Cleaner Production: Household carbon inequality in the U.S.02 September 2020
Participatory modelling in adaptive environmental management: a case study in semi-arid northern Nicaragua31 August 2020
Modelling the renewable transition: Scenarios and pathways for a decarbonized future using pymedeas, a new open-source energy systems model12 August 2020
A new study demonstrates: substitution of petrochemical plastic with bioplastics creates other problems11 August 2020
Article in the Royal Society: Low-carbon development via greening global value chains: a case study of Belarus29 July 2020
Article in Scientific Data: Japan prefectural emission accounts and socioeconomic data 2007 to 201513 July 2020
Article in Nature Climate Change: Temporary reduction in daily global CO2 emissions during the COVID-19 forced confinement | Yuli Shan03 June 2020
Slow easing of lockdowns may be better for global economy03 June 2020
Climate change, the coronavirus, and the economy | Klaus Hubacek25 May 2020
Article in Journal of Cleaner Production: Decomposition and attribution analysis for assessing the progress in decoupling industrial development from wastewater discharges in China | Klaus Hubacek28 April 2020
Article in Environmental Science and Technology: Drivers toward a Low-Carbon Electricity System in China’s Provinces | Klaus Hubacek06 April 2020
Article in Energies: An Exploratory Agent-Based Modeling Analysis Approach to Test Business Models for Electricity Storage | Ahmad Mir Mohammadi Kooshknow02 April 2020
Article in Nature Sustainability: Economic development and converging household carbon footprints in China | Klaus Hubacek30 March 2020
Article in Environmental Science and Technology: Tension of agricultural land and water use in China’s trade: Tele-connections, hidden drivers and potential solutions | Klaus Hubacek23 March 2020
Article in Journal of Cleaner Production: The GHG emissions and economic performance of the Colombian palm oil sector; current status and long-term perspectives | Nidia Ramirez Contreras16 March 2020
Article in Science of The Total Environment: Decline of net SO2 emission intensity in China's thermal power generation: Decomposition and attribution analysis | Klaus Hubacek16 March 2020
Fallout from coronavirus outbreak triggers 25% decrease in China's carbon emissions |CBC interview with Klaus Hubacek03 March 2020
Article in Scientific Data: Chine CO2 emissions accounts 2016-2017 | Yuli Shan and Klaus Hubacek13 February 2020
Article in Energy: How does the interplay between resource availability, intersectoral competition and reliability affect a low-carbon power generation mix in Brazil for 2050?11 February 2020
Article in Applied Energy: Urban carbon footprints across scale: Important consideration for choosing system boundaries | Klaus Hubacek10 January 2020
Article in Nature communications: Physical and virtual carbon metabolism of global cities | Klaus Hubacek10 January 2020
Cum laude for PhD student Herib Blanco Reaño09 January 2020
Article in Nature Sustainability: Cash transfers for pro-poor carbon taxes in Latin America and the Caribbean | Klaus Hubacek07 October 2019