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Hydrogen Promise or Hype? Professor Machteld van den Broek participates in a Studium Generale on Hydrogen

13 February 2023
Associate Professor Machteld van den Broek

On Thursday November 24, 2022, Professor Machteld van den Broek participated in a Studium Generale about Hydrogen in the knowledge café Groningen.

Hydrogen plays an important role in the energy transition. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen called hydrogen a 'possible game changer for Europe' in her most recent European State of the Union.

Due to the current energy crisis, major efforts are being made to develop renewable energy sources. In addition, all homes in the Netherlands must be off natural gas by 2050. Because solar and wind energy are difficult to store, these do not (yet) appear to be suitable alternatives.

Hydrogen is different: a unique property of the particles allows hydrogen to store and transport energy. The first buses and cars already run on hydrogen, but now steps are also being taken on a larger scale with the construction of hydrogen factories, for example. The energy transition is in full swing. Read more about the meeting.

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