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Marta Schulte-Fischedick and Dr. Yuli Shan win FSE Impact Awards

10 December 2021

Marta Schulte-Fischedick and Dr. Yuli Shan won this year's FSE Impact Awards. Schulte-Fischedick received the Award in the student category and will receive a cash prize of EUR 1,000. She has conducted valuable research into the impact of the corona lockdowns on passenger mobility and related CO2 emissions changes in Europe. Shan received the Award in the researchers category and receives a cash prize of 1,500 euros for impact activities. He worked on the construction and application of an open access database with emission data for emerging economies.

Dean Jasper Knoester and chairman of the jury Prof. Erik Heeres presented the awards to the winners. Both winners are now FSE candidates for the UG Impact Award.

Marta Schulte-Fischedick | student category

Marta Schulte-Fischedick receives the FSE Impact Award for her research project 'Implications of COVID-19 lockdowns on surface passenger mobility and related CO2 emission changes in Europe'. The jury is impressed by the large number of partners that she interviewed (about 60) and the collaboration with the European partners. The resulting publication is of high quality. It reports very useful and applicable insights on CO2 emissions. The jury found this project outstanding both with respect to its impact and collaboration with partners.

Dr. Yuli Shan | researchers category

Dr. Yuli Shan receives the FSE Impact Award for his research project ‘Construction and application of open access database Emission Accounts and Datasets for emerging countries (CEADs)’. The jury has high praise for Shan’s leadership to realise this database with emission data. Under his direction, an impressive team collects the data and publishes them on the CEAD website, involving local stakeholders. The focus on upcoming economies clearly fulfills a need. The jury is impressed by its already huge impact: the database has 17 thousand registered users, the data are downloaded annually 110 thousand times, have been used in 300 journal articles, and have been consulted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Additional appealing features are the Open Access nature of the data, its free use, and the broad application spectrum, from scientific publications to input for policy. Yuli Shan is affiliated with the Energy and Sustainability Research Institute Groningen (ESRIG).

About the FSE Impact Awards

The FSE Impact Awards are presented for the first time this year. With the Awards, the faculty rewards a student and a researcher who have made a special achievement in connecting scientific research to social, economic or professional practice. The achievement may also have been performed by a team of up to four people. From now on, the Awards will be presented every two years. The winners of the FSE Impact Awards are automatically the FSE candidates for the University-wide Ben Feringa Impact Awards. The winners of these awards will be announced in April 2022.

This year's jury for the FSE Impact Awards consisted of Prof. Erik Heeres (chairman), Prof. Pim Drinkenburg, Drs. Renske de Jonge, Anna Koek and Dr. Winnie Leenes.

From left to right: Prof. Erik Heeres, Marta Schulte-Fischedick, Dr. Yuli Shan, Dean Jasper Knoester
From left to right: Prof. Erik Heeres, Marta Schulte-Fischedick, Dr. Yuli Shan, Dean Jasper Knoester
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