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University Medical Center Groningen

Studying the relation between Health Literacy and Obesity

Researcher: Geboers, B.J.M.
Project leaders:
Research period: 2013-2017
Financier: -


Many people in developed European countries have an inadequate level of Health Literacy, which is described as the ability to access, understand and apply health-related information. Inadequate levels of Health Literacy are associated with poorer Health Outcomes. The FP7 project of IROHLA focuses on this problem and aims to identify interventions and best practices in order to reduce the problems that are associated with low levels of Health Literacy in the population. My project will be conducted in the framework of this FP7 project. A growing number of people in the world suffers from overweight and even obesity, which is identified as a major risk factor for undesirable Health Outcomes. It would be very relevant to study the relation between Health Literacy and Obesity, since this may reveal useful targets for interventions, aiming to decrease the problems that are related with obesity. The focus of this project will lie on the relation between Health Literacy and obesity and the various (psychological) constructs that may moderate or mediate this relation. To study these relationships, available literature will be reviewed. Furthermore, data from on-going longitudinal research will be used to identify moderators and mediators of this relationship.

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