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University Medical Center Groningen

Collaboration with the professional field

Science works closely together with actual practice. The professional field presents the academic world with topics for socially relevant research, knows what is going on in day-to-day practice and is involved in the entire process of scientific research. Knowledge is shared and meaningful results are applied to practical situations. This scientific substantiation is of great importance to the professional field.

Academic Collaborative Centers

The Academic Collaborative Centers (Academische Werkplaatsen) are where policymakers, professionals, academics and teachers come together to share and acquire knowledge and innovate the healthcare field. We participate in the following Academic Collaborative Centers:

The Collaborative Center Public Health North-Netherlands aims to reinforce public health policy, improve the scientific basis of the northern public health services, and to reach a closer link between research and practice. The collaborative center is coordinated by the northern public health services (GGD’en); UMCG Community and Occupational Medicine is one of the core partners. Central theme is the health and care in regions with population decline.

Scientists and professionals tell their stories

Here are a few scientists and professionals who would like to share their experiences with and opinions about this powerful link between academia and actual practice:

Dr S. (Sandra) Brouwer: ‘Collaboration with insurance medicine emerged bottom-up’

‘Collaboration with insurance medicine emerged bottom-up’.

Dr A.F. (Andrea) de Winter: ‘Research should be meaningful for the professional field’

‘Research should be meaningful for the professional field’.

Dr J. (Jerry) Spanjer: ‘We called upon academia to make our profession more transparent’

‘We called upon academia to make our profession more transparent’ on

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