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The University of Groningen is among the European top in the field of academic research. We are successful because we apply fundamental academic research in an innovative way when dealing with social and individual problems. Groningen-based researchers collaborate with colleagues from all over the world on a daily basis and University of Groningen lecturers actively involve their students in research.

In focus

Toebes, Dr Brigit

What role can international law play in addressing a range global health concerns? Video: ‘Health legislation in developing countries must be improved’. Also, find out about other researchers.


Teaching robots to cooperate

In the future, autonomous cars and robots that will need to take each other’s actions into account will be becoming more common. Cao is working on this development with colleagues from sociology, mathematics and biology. The algorithms that have been developed for the robots, for example, are partly inspired by how animals move, particularly fish and birds, which also operate in formation. ‘We used to design robots that were simply instructed to cooperate’, explains Cao. ‘It now turns out that robots that can make decisions themselves do not automatically cooperate if they have conflicting interests. We can change that using insights from sociology about how humans cooperate.’  

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