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Why you should attend the Online Masters Week

Date:03 March 2022
Cristiana Zamfir
Cristiana Zamfir

For LLB students, now is the time you have to start thinking about what you are going to do once you graduate, as the end of the academic year will be here sooner than you think. Many of you are probably considering to pursue an LLM. This month, the Faculty of Law will be holding information sessions/presentations for all the LLMs offered here in the Faculty during the Online Masters Week (March 21st to 25th).  Unsure whether or not you should attend the Online Masters Week ?  Below I will use a Q&A format, to show my experiences with attending previous OMW presentations.

Why did you attend the Online Masters Week event?

In my last year during my LLB, I was a little undecided (like most) about what do to next and which LLM to undertake. I made the decision to attend the Online Masters Week, especially for the European Law in a Global Context presentation, in the hope that it would help me make up my mind. Moreover, I knew that attending the presentation would give me the chance to better understand what the LLM would entail from the perspective of the professors and current students themselves. The event lets you gain deeper, additional information regarding the LLMs offered in the Faculty.

What was the process for registering to attend? 

The process of registration for the Online Master’s Week is easy, you can register via University's website here. Registration is required in order to attend (space is limited), and registration opened on the 18th of February. I attended the European Law in a Global Context presentation. There is also a live Q&A session you can attend where the International Office answers formal questions about applying and practicalities of being a student in the Faculty. Since I graduated from the LLB in International and European Law, I had direct admission.

What was the format of the presentation?

The presentation was given via Google Meet and it lasted for about one hour. There was a Q&A session at the end that was conducted by both the professors and the students. This was welcoming as it added a further layer of assurance when I was making my final decisions.

Who presented during the presentation and what did they discuss?

The presentation of the European Law in a Global Context was given by its Academic Director, Professor Ramses Wessel, whom I did an interview with this year. Afterwards, current students at that time (in that specific LLM) gave their own impressions about the programme.

What kind of questions were you able to ask? What questions did others ask?

I was able to ask a few questions, both towards the professors and the students. Some of my main questions were about the amount of workload we were expected to perform and about how the seminars and groups would be conducted. I was happy to hear that the groups are quite small and the students were able to establish personal connections between themselves. Other questions that were asked concerned the LLM thesis and the format of the lectures.

What was your overall feeling about the event?

Attending the presentation was a very nice experience, finally convincing me to follow the European Law in a Global Context LLM. I also got a sense of how it is to be in the programme as a student. I encourage everyone to attend the upcoming Online Masters Week, not only because it will give you a good indication of what to expect from your chosen LLM, but most importantly it can help you decide which programme is best suited to your own needs.

- Cristiana Zamfir, Romania,  European Law in a Global Context LLM  student


Interested in more information about our LLM programmes? You can ask questions directly to the Faculty by filling out our  information request form.