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Important study resources for law students

Date:27 October 2021
Cristiana Zamfir (image courtesy of C. Zamfir)
Cristiana Zamfir (image courtesy of C. Zamfir)

Beginning your studies can be a daunting task, and it can take some time to find out what resources are available to you to help you be successful with your study habits. Here are a few tips about study resources available to law students here in Groningen.

What are the official University of Groningen resources available for students?
There’s plenty of resources for University of Groningen students. Starting with the main university library: the UB. It is a truly amazing place to study, you have there everything you need, from printers, scanners, workplaces, individual studios to cafeteria and very nice views of Groningen from the windows. And one more thing, it is vis-à-vis from the Academie Building, which is very convenient, especially after lectures, you can just go to the UB to study and prepare you assignments.

Another library is the Law Study Library at the Harmonie Complex. In my opinion, it is wonderful cosy library and  you also have a big cafeteria nearby offering catering as well. There are printers, scanners as well and on top of that, there’s many places in Harmonie where you can chat and relax with your friends during a study break. You cannot go wrong with Harmonie in general. It just has everything there (not to mention is very close to where you are going to have the seminars).

You can also, by appointment, study in different university libraries from other
faculties, such as the Faculty of Theology or in the UMCG.

What are some other resources for help with studying? 
Regarding to what other resources will help with studying, joining law student
associations such as NEXUS or ELSA can be helpful, for example ELSA provides
both tutoring for courses and study notes for the exams. Surfspot is the place where you can buy specific software that you need with special student discount, so don’t miss out on this one! Printing is also done easily at pretty much every university building, but don’t forget your student card! During your studies you will need to access scientific literature (for assignments, essays etc.), so the place for that is smartcat/ worldcat and the library guides.

Where can students study besides at home or RuG buildings?
Students have lots of opportunities when it comes to studying outside RuG
buildings. You can do that pretty much everywhere else, such as a café. There’s plenty of cafes where you can find a nice atmosphere to study in, for example Starbucks is a nice place, or the Coffee Company. The Forum is also another great alternative for the UB, you have there lots of workplaces and it’s a quiet and futuristic environment (bonus point: you get to enjoy a very nice view of Groningen). The Zernike campus is well-known alternative for students, in case you cannot find a study place at the UB during exam time.

- Cristiana Zamfir, Romania, International and European Law LLB graduate and European Law in a Global Context LLM student


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