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Finishing your studies in Groningen

Date:03 June 2022
Cristiana Zamfir
Cristiana Zamfir

Finishing your studies might be a little confusing and exciting at the same time, especially after completing an LLM. Naturally, your thoughts go straight to your future career or what are you going to do after graduation, but it is always a good idea to remember and reflect upon all the good memories. Below I will share a little bit of my own experience regarding finishing my studies.

What are you planning to do after graduation?

After I graduate, I am personally going to go back home to Bucharest, Romania. I have a few jobs offers already, but I will be taking a few months off to analyse them. I am looking forward to going on a small vacation, in order to be able to reflect better at the possible work opportunities. I am particularly interested about competition law, therefore I will head in that direction with my career.

What have been your most memorable academic moments during your studies?

One of my most memorable academic moments during my studies must be the European Law lecture in the second year of the LLB programme when I found a spark of passion for competition law. It was such a unique moment, very difficult to describe but very powerful. I found myself being interested in this topic, so much that I would try to finish all of my other courses’ work, just to be able to read more about competition law. It really motivated me throughout the years and completely changed the way I understand law, in general. It also helped influence my decsision to pursue the European Law in a Global Context LLM.

What have been your most memorable "outside of the classroom" moments during your studies?

My most memorable moment (outside the classroom) was when I had the LLB graduation ceremony. The ceremony happened online because of COVID-19, but that did not change the way that I felt that day. I was back home in Bucharest in the summer, in my room, with all the important people in my life  (+ my dog Charlie, he needs to be mentioned). It was a magical moment for me and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

What advice would you give to new law students beginning their studies this September?

If I could give any advice at all for the new law students beginning their studies in September it would be: enjoy the time you are going to spend at university! It is truly such a rare moment in your life and you will 100% miss it once it is over. I know I will. Every part of it.

- Cristiana Zamfir, Romania, European Law in a Global Context LLM student


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