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Strategic Innovation Management

Linking education to research and career preparation

Our education is strongly rooted in business practice and society. Also right from the start of your degree programme attention is paid to academic research and preprofessional development. Since an analytical and critical mind and problem-solving capabilities are important qualities in any career our students aspire.

In collaboration with external partners we conduct research projects on e.g banking, local government, customer insights, leadership, energy, healthy ageing and lean operations.

Research institute related to the MSc programme:

Innnovation and Organization

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  • Testimonial van Ana Quintana, Mexico

    Groningen has everything to make (foreign) students feel at home

    I came to Groningen because I wanted to expand my international (study) experiences and because Groningen offered the combination of Innovation and Strategy in one Master's programme.

    Although the programme was rather theoretical, I feel that it prepared me very well for my current job as a promotion manager. There was nothing about Groningen that I did not like: the city is just beautiful. I especially enjoyed going everywhere by bike, the variety of offers for students and, of course, the Queen's Day celebrations. Groningen has everything to make (foreign) students feel at home. Looking back a year after my return to Mexico, I feel that I especially enjoyed getting to know Dutch culture. In addition, the courses offered and the beauty of the city made my stay in Groningen an unforgettable experience. If I had to choose a Master's programme again, I would again be on a flight to Groningen.

    – Ana Quintana, Mexico
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