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Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence

Valuable addition to your FEB MSc diploma!

  • This focus area is renewed from September 1, 2024, and was previously called: Digital business. 
  • Students who started before 01.09.2024 are subject to the old focus area of digital business, which is accessible to the Msc BA, Msc Marketing, and Msc TOM. Students who start their study after 01.09.2024 are subject to the new rules and courses of the FA digitalization and artificial intelligence which is accessible to students of the Msc BA, Msc Accountancy, Msc Marketing, and Msc HRM (see below for list of eligible courses).
  • Students who start their studies after 01.09.2024 are subject to the new rules and courses which are accessible to students of MSc Accountancy and Controlling (all profiles), MSc Business Administration (all profiles), MSc Human Resource Management and MSc Marketing (both tracks)

Focus Area Digital Business

The Focus Area Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence explained

Digital transformation and the implementation of new digital technologies (e.g., cloud computing, big data, or artificial intelligence) have fundamentally changed the rules of the game in many industries. New start-ups threaten existing business models and industry logic with the use of digital technologies and manage to put old industry leaders out of business (e.g., Netflix vs. Blockbuster). Nowadays, technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google are the most valuable firms and established industry leaders have to find ways to integrate technology into their operations or risk being overtaken as well.
More recently, artificial intelligence (AI) made huge leaps in the form of generative AI and large language models (LLMs). This technology emulates human judgment and decision-making and is quickly automating what formerly was reserved for human workers. With an increasing pace of development, knowledge about these technologies will become a crucial asset for the future.

By completing the Focus Area Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence you will obtain specialized knowledge and skills to sense and seize digital business opportunities, implement digital business models, and utilize AI for digital innovations. This focus area is especially recommended for those who have an interest in the implications of digital technologies. Our revised focus area caters to both technically proficient students as well as students interested in the managerial side. The knowledge gained in these courses and in the thesis can be used in all industries. For example, you may work as a management consultant for digital transformation, a digital manager in multinational and local companies, a marketing professional for data-driven sales and omnichannel management, an entrepreneur within digital business ventures, or a policy advisor within a (government/NGO) agency for developing a digital society.

Disclaimer: Some of our courses have capacity limitations and/or involve a selection procedure. These measures are specifically implemented for interdisciplinary and/or challenge-based courses. We have implemented these measures to guarantee quality and after careful consideration.

More information

Are you a current FEB student? Read more about the requirements, how to apply and conditions for annotation on your diploma here.

Focus Area Coordinator

Do you have a question before you want to register, or do you study another FEB Master programme than mentioned above and want to follow the Focus Area Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence as an extracurricular programme, please contact the focus area coordinator Dr. Nicolai Fabian via db.focus.area

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