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Nora Jamoulle

Master Ambassador Language & Cognition (Research)
Nora Jamoulle

About Nora Jamoulle

Hi, my name is Nora and I am from Belgium! I am a research master student of Language and Cognition at the University of Groningen. My main interests are music, language/speech disorders, and learning disabilities. Next to my studies, I have been involved in the Speech Lab Groningen led by Martijn Wieling. In my free time, I love to travel, cook, learning new languages and I am also a singer-songwriter.

Why Language and Cognition?

I first pursued a bachelor in Literature and Modern languages and then a Master's in Linguistics. During the latter, I discovered the field of neuro-psycholinguistics and decided to explore the relationship between music, languages and the brain. After a couple of internships, I knew I wanted to apply for a Master's in research to be able to gain more knowledge in this domain. Language and Cognition was, to me, the perfect programme as it balances the theoretical aspect of linguistics and the cognitive one. The possibility to choose my own courses and tailor a programme to my needs convinced me to apply for this programme. Additionally, the system of papers and presentations based on the topic chosen by the student made me realize I could focus on what I truly wanted to learn. The research internship also seemed like an incredible opportunity I did not want to pass on.

I am very happy with my decision as this programme has presented me with incredible opportunities such as an internship in the United States, a research assistantship in a lab at the RUG and it has mostly expended my fields of interest. Also, the professors were always enthusiastic to let me work on topics related to music and I have learned tremendously.

Why Groningen?

I like to believe Groningen chose me and not the other way around. I had applied to several universities around Europe and the University of Groningen was the first to accept my application. I knew the programme and the research facilities were excellent but coming from abroad, I was afraid the city of Groningen might be too small for me. After a bit of research and actually living here, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Groningen is small yet dynamic. It is such a lively city filled with the perfect balance between “stadjers en studenten”. There is always something to do and the locals are very welcoming.


I would like to apply for a PhD position after I graduate. My research internship and the different courses I have taken have helped me realize the road I want to stay on. I also aspire to continue learning via a potential master in music therapy.


I would advise anyone starting a Master's in Language and Cognition to not feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety. Though it is a very demanding Master's, teachers are there to support you at this time and there are things in place to help you manage your work. Never hesitate to ask for help!

Also, the field of linguistics covers a wide range of interesting topics, make use of your master courses and internship to find out what you really want to focus on and specialize in.

A piece of final advice would be to not hesitate to join the Research Master Student association (or any other) to mingle with students outside of your field and have time for yourself to enjoy your student life.

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