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Franka Korpel

Master Ambassador Information Science
Franka Korpel

About Franka Korpel

I am Franka Korpel, 23 years old and I started my Master’s degree in Information Science in September 2019. My Bachelor’s degree was in Communication and Information Studies. When I am not busy studying, I am playing handball, working or just enjoying life through shopping, socializing or traveling.

Why Information Science?

My interest in language in general and computer communication was awakened during my Bachelor’s programme. My thesis focused on computer-mediated communication and while working on that, I realised how valuable information science and programming skills could be for that purpose. Since I was not bored with studying yet I decided to go for a challenge and so I took a year of classes to acquire all the necessary skills to get accepted into the MA Information Science.

While working on those skills I got even more excited to start on ‘real work’: using my skills in the field of data science. In this Master's programme you are expected to be creative and work hard. The students are very ambitious and there is a nice vibe amongst us as everyone wants to help each other and deepen their knowledge about data science. The professors are enthusiastic about their work and eager to help us prepare for our future careers.

Why Groningen

My time in Groningen already started when I went to high school. I grew up close to the city, meaning that I was familiar with Groningen. I explored other cities but still, Groningen seemed the best option. During my Bachelor's my expectations were certainly met: Groningen is amazing. There is so much to do, the people are super friendly, open-minded and easy, the university has many extras like a beautiful library, and the faculty is well organized. I am a little bit biased since it is my hometown, but I would recommend to anyone to come and live in Groningen.


This programme is organized in a way that could see you graduate within one year, but I decided to take my time and spread out everything over two years. I want to be able to work and play sports next to my study. The programme allows you to take an internship and that is definitely what I want to do. The theories and skills that we acquire in this Master are so interesting that I cannot wait to bring them into practice and learn even more about them. After graduation I am planning to find a job that suits me and in which I can combine my knowledge of communication and data science to be of service to an organization.

Golden tip

My way into this master was not the most common one since I do not have the Bachelor Information Science. It was, however, the most interesting and exciting thing to do. I would say that the golden tip when you are looking for a suiting Master’s degree is to not be afraid to look at programmes that might not be the most obvious choices.

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