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Alexander Loeb

Master Ambassador Journalism
Alexander Loeb

About Alexander Loeb

My name is Alexander Loeb, I am 25 and a Master’s student of Journalism in the International track. I previously studied Media and Communications in Mainz, Germany, where I am also from. Besides my studies, I like playing guitar and singing in the streets of Groningen. I also enjoy writing about music, reviewing concerts and hiking.

Why Journalism?

The reason why I wanted to study Journalism comes from my background as a music journalist. For the past four years, I have been active as a reviewer of CDs and concerts, as well as interviewing artists such as De Staat. My keen interest in writing and politics made me want to develop further in terms of my abilities to report, interview, and convey current and relevant issues.

The Master’s track in Journalism seemed like the best choice, as I was able to fulfill my wish of studying my second degree in English, as well as work with a small class of motivated students. I personally believe that studying Journalism at the RUG is one of the best choices I have made because the curriculum combines theory and practice in an equal ratio. This way, students do not simply tackle journalistic issues from one viewpoint but are able to both question theoretical norms in practice and vice versa. With the ever-evolving media landscape of the 21st century and the need for a new wave of journalists to rebrand the profession, I think the journalism Master’s is one of the most exciting and important courses on offer.

Why Groningen?

I chose Groningen because it is a young, vibrant city that offers an inclusive multicultural environment for internationals where students can thrive to achieve their goals. The many intra- and extracurricular events and the compact city centre made me feel welcome and home the day I first set foot on the university campus for the Master’s day last semester. The diverse range of activities the city and university have to offer, from doing unusual types of sports at the ACLO to exploring the restless nightlife of Groningen, make for experiences you will not forget.

A couple of months into my studies, I can confirm that my first impression was correct. The University of Groningen has offered me a Master’s programme that does not feel like a competitive race, but a group effort where we students help each other out in order to excel at our later profession. Essentially, when you study Journalism, the newsroom in the Harmony building becomes your second home, and your course mates your family.


After my studies, I aspire to either start a career in journalism as a reporter or become a press agent for a music label. Both options pose an opportunity for me to delve into aspects of journalism I cherish the most, namely interviewing and writing. I believe that my current course of study will benefit me greatly in understanding the profession of a journalist, and help me tackle pressing deadlines and solving frustrating situations more quickly.


Do not let the term journalism elude you into thinking you have to become a news writer. The multitude of courses and specializations at the RUG offer anyone remotely interested in current political discourse and journalistic skills to find their way to shine. Take this Master’s programme as a chance to be who you want to be in the sphere of journalism, and explore your skills as much as you can!

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