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FAQ Bachelor International Relations and International Organization

After reading the information provided on the website of the Bachelor IRIO, the detailed information brochure, and the information on the application and selection website, you still may have some questions about the programme. Please find below answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions on the selection procedure

What is the deadline for the selection procedure?

For a start in September 2024: We encourage all candidates to hand in the application before 15 December 2023. The steps are explained on the Admission page. The final deadline is 15 January 2024. Please read the admission page carefully.

Do I need to be in Groningen for the selection?

No, the selection takes place via the Selection form.

Being that I won't have my diploma until July 2024, how can I send it with my application in January?

Please follow the instructions in the Selection form.

Do I have to send my English test result before the January deadline or will you ask for it after?

If you have the result before 15 January, you can indicate this in the selection form and it will be taken into account for the selection procedure. If you receive the result after 15 January, you cannot use it in the selection form, but you can still hand it in at a later date, in order for it to be taken into account for validation of the general admission criteria.

What are my chances of being selected?

It depends on the number of applications we will receive, but if you fill out the selection form, and fulfil the selection criteria, you will - in our experience - have a good chance of being selected and offered a place.

Is there anything I can do to increase my chances in the selection procedure?

In order to prepare for this procedure you could make sure to obtain good grades in your current education, but you could also think, for example, about taking an additional language course, do volunteers work, get a side job, or other extra curricular activities that perhaps also relate to International Relations - such as the IRIO Webclass. All these things could add to your application and your chances of obtaining a place in the programme.

Frequently asked questions on the programme

How many languages can I choose?

You will have to choose and complete 30 EC of one of the languages on offer in the programme. If you want, from your second year, it can be possible to register for a second language, but this language course will then be extra-curricular.

How many economics courses are there? How difficult it is for a person who has never studied economics, to attend the economics classes?

There are three courses in the programme that focus on economics: Introduction to Economics, International Political Economy of Trade and International Political Economy of Monetary Relations (you can find the course descriptions in the Online Course Catalogue). No previous knowledge of economics (or mathematics) is required: you will start in the first year with the prepatory course: Introduction to Economics which will teach you the basics you need.

How is the third year structured? Can I choose whatever minor I want or is there a list of minors that you recommend?

In the third year of the BA programme, you will have a semester reserved for your minor. The minor is for specializing or diversifying your studies, and you can choose from a wide rage of elective minors, such as Development Studies, Philosophy, American Studies or Journalism. You can also choose to do your minor abroad, for instance in Madrid, Hong-Kong or Bogotá, or get some work experience by doing an internship at an organisation/institution in the field of international or foreign relations, in or outside of the Netherlands.

I am currently studying in another university programme. Is it possible to transfer to a higher year?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer to a higher year. Because we are a quota programme, we can only accept students who have taken part in the selection procedure and have applied before the deadline.

Will you be organising a Student for a Day event for this programme?

Information about the Student for a Day event can be found here.

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