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About us Faculty of Arts Study at our Faculty Exchange Dutch Studies Study programme

Lecture series 'Curious about the Dutch'

The lecture series on Dutch Culture and Society is a course aiming not only at foreign students, but also at visiting faculty members or employees of international business companies. In fact, every non-Dutch visitor to Groningen interested in any aspect of Dutch society will find something of his or her interest in this series.

Every Wednesday evening, a lecture will be given on a broad range of topics: for instance Dutch film, theatre, literature, politics, law, religion, landscape history, archaeology with a focus on the regional past, economics, mass media, and the former Dutch colonies.

Schedule (subject to changes)

Semester 1

dr. H. (Harm) Zwarts

Civil Society and the Dutch 'Miracle': An Economic and Sociohistorical Perspective

dr. mr. A.J.J. (André) de Hoogh

The Netherlands and International Law

dr. B. (Bart) Hollebrandse

Double Dutch: Language in the Low Lands

Prof. dr. C. (Cor) Wagenaar

Groningen: an Urban Biography

Prof. dr. R. M. (Raingard) Esser

The Christmas Flood and Other Inundations: The Dutch and the Water

Agustín De Julio Pardo, MSc

From Commercial Success to Slow Disaster: Gas Extraction and Earthquakes in Groningen

Prof. dr. B.A.M. (Bart) Ramakers

Controversial Heritage: Sinterklaas & Black Pete

M. (Marek) Susdorf

Music and Sound's Involvements in Dutch Colonialism: The Case of Suriname

dr. M.R. (Michel) Doortmont

Colonial and Post-Colonial Policy Making in the Netherlands

Semester 2

dr. T. (Tom) Slootweg

Ups and Downs in Dutch Cinema

drs. L.D.M.E. (Lucia) van Heteren

Performing Arts in the Netherlands

dr. L.A.W.J. (Lars) de Wildt

Dutch Video Games and Media Culture

Prof. dr. D.J. (Dirk Jan) Wolffram

Dutch Political Culture

M. (Mirjam) Hofman, MA

Religion in the Netherlands

Prof. dr. J. (Jan) van der Harst

The Netherlands and the EU

Dr. S.J. (Sjoerd-Jeroen) Moenandar Islamization as Technique – The Negotiation of Superdiversity in 21st Century Dutch Artworks

S. (Sven) Gins, MA

The Dutch and Other Animals

M.L. (Lorena) Flórez Rojas, PhD LLM

Artificial Intelligence Tools in the Netherlands

When and where?

9 Wednesdays, 7-9 pm

Offerhauszaal and Geertsemazaal, Academy Building

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