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Nina Hamann

Bachelorstudent European Languages and Cultures
Nina Hamann

About Nina

My name is Nina Hamann and I am in my second year of studying European Languages and Cultures. My profile is European Politics and Society and my major language is English. I am also taking Russian as a second language. Besides my studies, I like to go to the gym, read, and meet friends.

Why European Languages and Cultures?

After my graduation, I was certain that I wanted to study something that involves history, politics and languages. ELC offers me all of these aspects. I also really like the broadness of the programme, which makes me feel secure about my future opportunities.

Why Groningen?

I always wanted to study in another country than Germany (where I am from), and Groningen was the best choice for me. Firstly, because the university offers interesting study programmes. Secondly, because I get to study in English which is really important for me. And finally, because Groningen is a great city and I get to study at a beautiful university.


I like to dream big. I think the best way to overcome cultural differences, stereotypes and bridge the gap between cultures is by communication and establishing a stable conversation. This is why I would like to see myself in a position as an ambassador or diplomat in the future.


The best tip I can give to every new student here is: don’t be intimidated by other students just because they have a little more knowledge than you in some cases, stay motivated and don’t forget to enjoy the student life!

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