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Kelly van Hienen

Bachelorstudent American Studies
Kelly Hienen

About Kelly

Hi! My name is Kelly van Hienen and I am in my second year of the Bachelor American Studies. Before I started here in Groningen, I studied Art & Economics at the University of Arts in Utrecht. I decided that I wanted to study American Studies when I finished my propedeuse. In my spare time, I am an active member within my study association, I play lacrosse, I listen to music (a lot), and I love to watch series.

Why American Studies?

Ever since I was a kid, everything about the United States amazed me. I could not stop talking about the events happening there, which annoyed my mom a lot. The reason I chose American Studies was so that I could talk about the United States even more without being annoying. Moreover, I wanted to understand the American culture and the debates in and about the country.

Since this studies is interdisciplinary it not only takes on history, but there are also classes on culture, media, and politics. All this knowledge is used simultaneously when we have to write essays, which you will also learn how to do in the academic writing class. Due to my studies, I will not only understand the United States on a much deeper level, but I will also learn how to put my findings into well-structured arguments.

Why Groningen?

The reason I went to Groningen was because of the uniqueness of this American Studies program in the Netherlands. The open day was the first time I visited Groningen, since my hometown is a 3,5-hour drive by bus and train. However, I fell in love with this city ever since I got here. Mainly because it has everything a city needs, but it still feels like a little town, which is due to the short distances and the many familiar faces you constantly run into.


For me figuring out what I want to be is really difficult since I have a lot of dissimilar interests. Job wise, I have looked into the fields of media, politics, education, and more. Luckily, this study helps me with figuring out which fields interest me more than others. What I do know is that after my studies I definitely want to travel. My dream is to live in the United States, maybe just for a few years or maybe forever, we will see!

Golden tip

If you really want to do this program, but you are unsure if you can handle it, do it! As long as you do your work and you really want it, you will get this done! Moreover, there is a great group of people willing to help you out, so do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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