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Natasha Rebecca

Bachelorstudent Communication and Information Studies
Natasha Rebecca

About Natasha

Hello, my name is Natasha Rebecca from the beautiful country of Indonesia. I am currently in my second year of Communication and Information Studies (CIS) and doing the Honours degree programme. Inevitably studying takes up the majority of my week, however, I have partially dedicated my time to developing various soft skills and obtaining diverse experiences through joining organizations. Aside from university life, traveling is a big passion of mine. My life goal would be traveling to as many places as possible! I also love to sing and draw (although I cannot say I am very good at both ^-^).

Why Communication and Information Studies?

I had a difficult time selecting the right major, every program I came across did not seem to match my ideas. That is until I stumbled upon a major called CIS. I started searching this specific major in-depth and soon enough, I realized that this was the path for me. I had always been interested in how communication between individuals’ works as it is an important aspect of our lives. What cemented my decision was reading how the programme will be very broad, in the sense that it includes courses that provide communication in different perspectives, including marketing, psychology, linguistics, and sociology. You will not only learn the theoretical side of communication but also practice it in some courses, along with interesting discussions with your fellow students (Intercultural Communication, first year).

Why Groningen?

My mother had always encouraged me to continue my studies in The Netherlands. I have never paid much attention to it until a few months before the application deadline. My cousin told me that The Netherlands is a beautiful country and Groningen, where she was studying, has become a second home to her. She also told me that there are research programmes taught in English so I would not need to worry about the language barrier. I have come to know that Groningen is a thriving, vibrant student city with a unique atmosphere, but incredibly safe, making me confident and brave enough to leave and study here.


I have no set plans for the future. However, I am highly interested in the field of public relations. I was drawn to it from the Corporate and Marketing Communication course I had, but of course, my interest might be subject to change throughout my following years. For now, I have committed and I am determined to challenging myself and seizing all opportunities available throughout my university years.


Your study should be your own choice, do not worry about going for an unpopular study. As long as you are interested and passionate about it, I would say go for it! Do not forget to search thoroughly about your studies, if, in the long run, you change your mind, do not be discouraged, you still have a lot of time to fully discover your true potential. I will admit that university can be overwhelming at first but remember to take some time to breathe and take things day by day, you will adjust just fine!

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