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Anne Pronk

Bachelorstudent Media Studies
Anne Pronk

About Anne

Hello, I am Anne! I am 20 years old and currently in my second year of the Bachelor Media Studies. In my spare time I work as a freelance filmmaker and music producer. I also volunteer in organizations such as GroenLinks Groningen, USVA, Sandaya and GoodPM. I sing and play guitar and produce my own songs for Spotify and iTunes. I enjoy traveling a lot and have lived abroad on five different occasions. Finally, I love learning languages and I speak Dutch, English, Swedish, and French fluently.

Why Media Studies?

I chose the Bachelor Media Studies since I wanted to study the media landscape on a theoretical level. I had already done a lot within the practical field, but I was even more interested in the underlying lines of thought behind those processes.

The study is incredibly broad in the first year, so you can find out what field and direction interests you most. You are going to take philosophical courses that really make you reflect about the role of the media, theoretical courses (which will teach you a lot), creative courses that teach you how to write and create, and practical courses, during which you work with regional companies. You then choose a profile in your second year, allowing you to delve even more into your favourite subjects.

Why Groningen?

The University of Groningen was initially not my first choice. I first studied Media Design at the University of Jönköping (in Sweden) but stopped after a year. I soon noticed that the city of Groningen suited me more as I personally experienced the people here as much more open than in Sweden. I also think the young and international character of the city is really great! I could definitely see myself living here later.


It would be fantastic to become a professor here at the University of Groningen. I fell in love with the city and the university. My plans right now are to do a Master’s and PhD in Media Studies so I can start my work here. I leave the practical side of media work (for example producing music and making videos) as a hobby, although I would also like to work at a media company.


If you have chosen the right study, you will feel it immediately. If you have some doubts, the study is likely to not suit you very well. It is absolutely not embarrassing to stop your studies several times – it just means that you are enthusiastic about finding your passion. Studying in Sweden was fine, but it never felt perfect for me. After the first day in Groningen, however, I immediately felt that click, which is how I knew that I had chosen the right study. You feel like going to school every day and getting up early or doing your homework does not feel like a punishment.

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