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Alan Farricella

Bachelorstudent International Relations and International Organization
Alan Farricela

About Alan

Hi! My name is Alan, I am 24 years old and I am living proof that if you find what you like, it is possible to start over and actually start enjoying what you are doing. I have been studying something different before 2018, but it was when I started this programme that I found my calling and actually was able to dedicate more time and attention to my studies. As my folks like to say, better late than never.

Outside of my study I really like movies, tv series and American Football. I love spending time with my friends and watching all my favourite comedians and late show hosts. Of course, I always have time to dedicate to my student association or to reading a book to relax.

Why International Relations and International Organization?

The first thing that struck me about this programme is the internationality and the global approach that this programme has. It is a programme that goes into the issues that I always wanted to have an answer for, like what are the reasonings behind some international issues (terrorism, war, humanitarian action, etc.) or why states act like they do. These two main reasons were the ones that actually brought me to this programme, and I definitely can say that both these two expectations have been met. IRIO is really a multicultural and international programme where you can learn a lot by studying, but also by talking with your classmates and learn about their experiences in their home countries.

Why Groningen?

It was mainly the programme that attracted me to this city, I did not know the city at all before coming here, and I have never been a big fan of smaller cities, but living one year here has changed my perspective and I can say that I really love this city. Although Groningen is not really big, you can enjoy the same level of internationalism and the same quantity of activities that are offered in a big capital: there are people coming from all over the world, amazing organisations and associations that organise so many activities (you will never get bored) and, most of all, there is a place for everyone in this city. Furthermore, you do not really have the downsides of a big city here, because the traffic is not that bad and you have many parks and recreational zones to enjoy.


I definitely can see myself working for an NGO after finishing my studies, although I probably will first get a Master’s degree in a specialisation I really enjoy (possibly humanitarian action, or something similar). One of the good things about getting a Bachelor’s in IRIO here at RUG, is that it opens many different doors, and gives you the possibility to explore different aspects and subjects of the discipline of IR, thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of the programme.


First of all, find a house. Do not underestimate it, as it is really important and can be quite difficult. Then I advise you to not put too much pressure on yourself, as studying is something that you learn by doing and by practising (you will get better at it, the more you do it). It is important to study and to get good grades, but not as important as your emotional wellbeing, so do not be afraid of some minor missteps at the beginning, because everyone got through them.

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