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Marlies Hogeveen

Bachelor student Media Studies
Marlies Hogeveen

About Marlies

Hi, my name is Marlies Hogeveen, I’m 19 years old and a second-year student of the bachelor Media Studies. I’m a big lover of both analogue and digital media. I love to read and write, but I’m also an enthusiastic producer of my own videos for my YouTube channel, where I document my life as a university student and talk about my other interests. I have a fascination for all things British and I would love to live there someday. 

Why Media Studies?

I eventually decided to study Media Studies because I noticed that all of my interests were combined in this programme. Not only am I eager to learn about the different creative industries in the media field but I also like the social approach towards media in this bachelor. Every time I’m doing my readings or assignments, I’m reminded of the topicality and social importance of the topics I learn about. I would never want to miss out on all of the things I’ve learned about for instance power structures in society, race theory and feminism in relation to media. Media have such a powerful role in the way we understand our world, and now more than ever, people have a say in how media are produced as well. This makes Media Studies a highly relevant field of study if you are interested in the dynamics of representation of society.

Why Groningen?

I have always thought highly of Groningen due to many day trips as a kid. When it was time for me to decide where to study, I strongly believed that Groningen would be a good student city for me. It’s a cosy and lively city with lots of students, but it doesn’t feel too massive or crowded. However, there are still plenty of great things to explore in Groningen! Because of this positive association it felt right to decide to study here and I am happy that I did!


I don’t know yet what my aspirations for the future are, but I’m leaning towards working in audio-visual culture, particularly film culture. On the other hand, the book and magazine industry is something I love as well, and thus a career as an editor seems very interesting to me. However, I also like to pay attention to politics, so I might also want to incorporate that aspect into my future job.

Golden Tip

If I may give you one piece of advice that has really helped me, it would be to look up people that you find have interesting careers. Go to LinkedIn and see what studies they did. This gives you an indication of what kind of studies could lead to certain jobs. However, it may also ease your mind, as you’ll see that there are plenty of ways to finally end up with a particular career.

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