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Giulia Cristofoli

Bachelor student Arts, Culture and Media
Giulia Cristofoli

About Giulia

Hi there! My name is Giulia Cristofoli and I am an Arts, Culture and Media (ACM) student specializing in Theatre and Literature. I am from Brazil and this is my 3rd year living in Groningen. Asides from my studies, I work part-time, but I have also started an art magazine. My favourite hobby is taking dance lessons. I also enjoy reading, spending my days in the sun and hanging out with my friends.

Why Arts, Culture and Media?

What attracted me to ACM was the variety of topics covered by the course. I love art in general and I found it difficult to only focus on one discipline. The programme allowed me to choose two art disciplines to delve deeper without letting go of the others. It was the perfect opportunity to investigate the world of art in a broader context and still get into specifics on my preferred topics. The way the course was organized enabled me to first get a taste of the options and then choose within my range of interests. Not to mention that ACM was a way for me to stay close to what I love – art – without necessarily having to produce art (let us just say that I am not a gifted artistic genius).

Why Groningen?

I had already visited the city (my brother used to live here) and it had charmed me at first sight. Although I already knew it was a small cosy city with an atmosphere lively big one, Groningen still managed to surprise me. Since it is not surrounded by other big cities, it has everything you need. When I came here, I was honestly not expecting it to provide me with all the cultural experiences I could imagine. In this rich environment, I got to discover so much with the comfortable feeling of being home.


As a third-year student, I am confronted with the particularly scary question of the future. At the moment, my plans are to take a gap year to focus on learning Dutch and my art magazine. Afterwards, I would love to do a Master’s in Theatre studies or something related to work in theatre and dance production. But it’s important to say that this is never set in stone. I like to keep my options open so I can have the luxury of changing my mind.

Golden Tip

You don’t need to have all figured it out, this is a time to explore and discover. You need to experience as much as you can, do your research and ask many questions to figure out which programme suits you. Don’t be afraid to be unsure of your choice. I wasn’t sure whether I chose the right track when I first moved here and I don’t think you can be sure until you have had a taste. Also know that it is okay if you change your mind. The world is full of possibilities for you to explore, as long as you are willing to try.

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