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Chloë Zoer

Bachelor student American Studies
Chloë Zoer

About Chloë

Hi! My name is Chloë. By the time you can find this little piece on the student ambassadors page I am twenty-two years old and a second-year BA American Studies student. I grew up in Germany and the Netherlands, and I am currently living in Groningen. Next to my studies I spend time in the Crossfit gym, I go for walks and runs, and I have an additional job. I also love to read books and watch movies/tv shows, and live life to the fullest with my best friends and family.

Why American Studies?

Before applying for American Studies at the UG, I attempted studying International Studies in The Hague and European Law in Maastricht. However, neither were the perfect fit and so I dropped out. I knew I wanted to study something with a certain international aspect, since international communities, politics, economics, history, cultures, etc. really interest me. The BA American Studies consists of this aspect and all these territories, and combined with the fact that program is really small (everyone knows everyone, teachers included, and you'll easily become friends with your fellow students), yet very highly regarded, made me apply. Students develop academic/research skills to an incredible extent, which is of course super handy for your future career. Besides, we have a very active study association (EPU) that organizes a ton of great events. In addition, joining (one of) their commissions provides you with amazing experiences and memories.

Why Groningen?

My family originates from the northern part of the Netherlands, and therefore Groningen is familiar terrain to me. I also adore the liveliness of Groningen. I know they call New York the city that never sleeps, but honestly, Groningen lives up to the name too!


To be fair, I do not know where my life will lead me after the BA American Studies. I am thinking about applying for a MA (Master) in Germany, but I might also go for an MA in the Netherlands (or both? who knows?). I might also take an entirely different turn and apply for something completely different. The latter does not take away the fact that I love the program of American Studies, but I just do not know yet what kind of a career I want for the rest of my life. Therefore, I may attempt another route.

Golden Tip

Completing the BA American Studies (or any studies for that matter) is not that hard and so much fun if you work properly for it. You will have enough free time left to join EPU, have a job, do sports or other hobbies, and live the ultimate student life to the fullest.

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