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Rutger Renkema

Bachelor student American Studies
Rutger Renkema

About Rutger

Hi! My name is Rutger Renkema, I am twenty years old and currently in my third year of the Bachelor American Studies. I have been living in Groningen since 2022, after moving here from Steenwijk. I love to go out to get coffee with friends and thrifting. My favorite movie is Scream – a movie that you can watch for one of the American Studies courses!

Why American Studies?

I chose American Studies because of its diversity and interdisciplinarity, and my broader interest in American culture and politics. I was pleasantly surprised how you are not just studying history, politics, economics or sociology, but all of these, simultaneously. American Studies is a field that thrives on interdisciplinary exploration. Instead of confining yourself to a single perspective, branch out and immerse yourself in history, literature, sociology, politics, art, and more. You can really dive into the hidden corners of American history and uncover narratives that challenge conventional ideas. You also dig into the stories of underrepresented communities, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and other marginalized groups whose stories have often been overlooked. During high school, I always thought the United States was really interesting, and really had an interest in it. This doesn’t mean that you have to be extremely interested in the US of course. It often shows more extreme forms of social problems we encounter here in Europe, which is why this study is more relevant to non-Americans than you might think. You also get to study Latin America and Canada, which is a great bonus! I am also planning on doing my minor in the US, which is a unique opportunity to live in the US and experience the culture firsthand. You also get priority to go to American universities over other students.

Why Groningen?

First of all, there is no Bachelor program like American Studies anywhere else in the Netherlands. The curriculum is unique. And fortunately for you, the program is situated in Groningen, the most fun student city of all! Groningen has all the facilities of a big city but is relatively small and less overwhelming than cities such as Amsterdam or Utrecht. Whether you are big on partying, or looking for a fun group of friends to hang out or do sports with, Groningen has it all.


Because the program is so diverse, there are a lot of fields you can get into after finishing your Bachelor’s degree. Examples of fields students go on to study are journalism, international relations and humanities. I was personally very interested in the political and organizational side of the program and became active in student governance organizations. After my Bachelor’s, I want to get a Master’s degree in History, and hopefully work for political and policy making organizations.

Golden Tip

Do not let doubts whether you will find the United States interesting enough to do an entire study about keep you from trying it out! Because of the diversity of this program, there is something interesting here for everyone. Furthermore, Join associations! It makes your time in Groningen just that much better. For American Studies, the association EPU organizes casual drinks, trips, pub quizzes and movie nights. They also provide you with a great social network if you’re looking for a room or a job in Groningen!

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