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Marit Raemaekers

Bachelor student Minorities and Multilingualism
Marit Raemaekers

About Marit

Hey everyone! My name is Marit, I am 18 years old and currently in my first year of Minorities & Multilingualism (also known as M&M). Besides my studies, I work, hang out with friends and love to read.

Why Minorities & Multilingualism?

I have always been interested in minorities in general, and learning languages has always been something I have enjoyed and been good at. What also really intrigued me about M&M is how it is a widely oriented study, so there are many different topics. The study and its courses attract many international and exchange students; it is interesting to meet students from different backgrounds. The study is quite small (and when I mean small, I mean small – we are with nine people this year), which is actually a lot of fun! You know each other very well, you get along very quickly and there is a lot of contact with teachers.

Why Groningen?

I have lived in Groningen all my life and when it came to choosing a city to study in, it was not really a hard decision. Groningen is a great student city, and already knowing the city and being able to stay at home for a while longer was a big plus for me. Groningen is actually the only place to study M&M in the world!


I would love a job that involves working with minorities and improving their situation in society. Even though I and not entirely sure what career path I would like to take, I am currently debating whether to go into politics. I would also like to travel a lot in the future, since I still have so much to see in this world.

Golden Tip

Choose a study (whether that might be M&M or not) that you enjoy, and do not let other people influence your decision. A Bachelor’s does not decide your whole future, so do not worry about future job opportunities too much. Also, if you do decide to study M&M next year, which I highly recommend, prepare yourself for having to constantly explain what ‘minorities & multilingualism’ means. Above all, have fun and take good care of yourself.

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