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Veronika Koralova

Bachelor student Media Studies
Veronika Kolarova

About Veronika

Hi everyone! My name is Veronika, I am a 21-year-old 3rd year student of Media Studies. I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic. Last year I was on the board of MESA, which led to me wanting to become the Student Ambassador of my programme as I really enjoyed representing what is important to me. Therefore, I wanted to continue doing that even after my Board year was over.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, creating digital art, and going on trips–no matter where to or for how long. I am currently the servant of one cat, but I plan to add at least one more to that count in the near future.

Why Media Studies?

I chose Media Studies because it offers a great foundation for any other subject of study related to media. In this programme, you get to try out different aspects of working with media including the academic but also professional aspects of it. You are encouraged to find your own place in the world of media, which was a great help for me as I learnt that there are plenty of career paths that do not lead to simply working for a newspaper or becoming a researcher. It is a fun programme that prepares you for a future within the field of media and opens your eye to all the different possibilities.

Why Groningen?

I chose Groningen because it seemed so welcoming and friendly. I really fell in love with the people, architecture and how close everything is to each other. The fact that I can be out of the city within 20 minutes of cycling still amazes me.


As of now, my future is unsure, however, I plan to become a data analyst in the marketing department of a corporation in the long run. Currently, I am following a Data Wise minor related to data analysis in order to reach this goal. In the near future, I hope to follow the Media Studies Mastertrack Datafication and Digital Literacy here in Groningen.

Golden Tip

My golden tip for you is to never be afraid to ask questions. I know it can seem daunting at first to speak up in front of the whole lecture hall, but it is a very important skill to develop. It will also help you understand the topics and you will have less issues completing the assignments and passing your exams.

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