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Tamara Kanner

Bachelor student Communication and Information Studies
Tamara Kanner

About Tamara

Hi! My name is Tamara, I am 23 years old and a third culture kid who mainly grew up in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. I am a second-year student in the Communication and Information Studies (CIS) Bachelor’s degree programme as well as a teaching assistant, student ambassador, co-host for a radio show and an active member of the CIS study association, Commotie. As I am nearing the end of my degree programme, I'm quite busy doing school work and studying. Additionally, I do lots of art and craft projects, journal, go with fellow Commotie members friends to fun events and lectures, and, very importantly, spend an evening or two a week relaxing and taking care of my plants.

Why Communication and Information Studies?

After relentlessly looking for a programme that fits one of my many interests, I felt like something was a missing every time. However, the Communication and Information Studies programme aligned with my interests in philosophical language and linguistics, marketing, sociology, and multi-media, while still leaving enough time outside the programme to pursue all my other interests and skillsets. I decided on this programme because, to me, it is the perfect baseline degree to evolve into whatever other career I wanted: communication, research, marketing, English language, etc.

Why Groningen?

On a whim, I decided to apply to a university in the Netherlands, knowing no matter where I go, there is an international environment with great teaching facilities in English. As strange as it sounds, I knew even before I visited here for the first time that Groningen was for me. There is something special about this small city where I would want to spend even the rainier days in. The buildings, the environment, there is something for every type of person here.


I personally want to go into management or communications realm, but as my interest in the English language grows from this programme and from being a teaching assistant this year, my plans for the future are ever-changing and dynamic. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. When I got into the programme, I didn't realize how many opportunities would open up for me and my future and if I am only a second year student now, maybe we can see what opportunities the third year holds for me as well :D

Golden Tip

My number one tip is to make sure you are involved and interested in your study programme, to sign up for your study association (usually they provide summaries for courses, opportunity desks, events to meet new people, etc.), to reach out to second/third year students to give you advice if you need any, and to make time for yourself. University life isn't the easiest, so taking care of yourself and giving yourself time some off is very important. The university is flexible and will support you, so don't worry, no matter what you choose, everything will be okay.

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