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Marina Padrul

Bachelor student Art History
Marina Padrul

About Marina

Hi! I am Marina and by the time you read this, I have received my Bachelor’s diploma in Art History. I will continue my studies as a Master’s student of Art History, specializing in Curatorial Studies at the University of Groningen. As a Russian student abroad, who has a passion for art, culture and architecture, I have an open view of the world around me, full of new knowledge and adventure. As a student ambassador, I would like to give you any information and welcome you to Groningen!

Why Art History?

Since my teenage years, I have known that my future academic and work interests would lay mainly in the field of art history. From a personal perspective, I believe I have found a way to connect my inner goals and interests with a professional career. Art History is a fascinating discipline that opens the door to endless areas of knowledge, where one can find their true calling. Completing an Art History degree does not only mean that you have a great basis for understanding the field of arts and culture, but also that you are skilled in critical analysis and creative thinking. Ranging from writing about art and power in the Medici family or the history of Islamic pottery, to researching an emerging artistic collective or collaborating with contemporary artists in interdisciplinary projects – the topics are endless and give you a space to explore.

Why Groningen?

Groningen is a great place to start your student life, since it is a very sociable city where you can easily make friends, join various associations of your interest and simply have fun. Its international environment makes this city a unique place where you can do exciting activities, but also feel at home. Moreover, the University of Groningen will provide you with high quality education and a strong start to your academic life if you have the motivation to study and expand your knowledge.


Hopefully, I will receive my Master's degree in Art History very soon, which makes me think of my future almost daily. I would like to work in an international and interdisciplinary environment, mainly in educational, museological and curatorial industries. Additionally, I would like to bring art under the public's attention and encourage people to not only enjoy art, but learn from it and use it as a tool to solve contemporary issues. I’m also interested in conducting research together with artists and institutions.

Golden Tip

Deciding on your degree and starting a life as a university student is an exciting and challenging experience that allows you to explore the world beyond the classroom. My golden tip would be to have not only a practical approach towards your education, but also a personal one. It is very often that we hear we should follow our hearts, which turns out to be true! Listen to your own wishes and make a choice based on where you can find your passion.

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