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Max van der Kooi

Bachelor student Arts, Culture and Media
Max van der Kooi

About Max

Hello! My name is Max van der Kooi and I am an Arts, Culture and Media (ACM) student. I am currently in my second year, specializing in Music and Visual Arts. Outside of my studies, I work part-time and I am a member of the Study Association IK. When I am not busy with work or studies, I game with friends or sometimes work on music at home.

Why Arts, Culture and Media?

Arts, Culture and Media spoke to me because of its variety of topics. I have an appreciation for all different types of art, but some interest me more than others do, so being able to focus on the disciplines I have the most interest in really stood out to me. The programme also lets you choose a specialization in the second year: Arts, Analysis and Criticism, or Arts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship. I chose for Arts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship, because of my interest in event management and the community aspects of art. The programme does not ask you to be ‘’good’’ at producing art, which I also like. I have tried making my own music, but I would not dare to send it to someone.

Why Groningen?

Since I grew up in Groningen, the city is special to me. When I turned 18, I moved out to study in the Hague, where I lived for 4 years. While I did enjoy studying in the Hague, I always missed Groningen. I see Groningen as the almost perfect student city, as it exudes this cosy feeling and is very intimate. I may be biased because I grew up here, but the time I spent away from the city, made me appreciate it that much more.


While I have not planned every detail of my future, I do have a general idea of the direction I want to go in. I have always worked in the restaurant/festival industry, which I enjoy a lot. Therefore, I am planning to look for work in the event industry once I have finished my Bachelor's degree in Arts, Culture and Media. The combination of the Entrepreneurship specialization and the music courses I am taking, will prepare me for a job in the industry, even though I am not sure what specific career I am interested in.

Golden Tip

Do not focus too much on the future. While it is good to think about, it is also good to realize that plans will change during your studies, a lot of times for the better. Try to enjoy your time studying and set yourself up for the future, but do not let your worries about the future influence your decisions too much. You do not have to have everything figured out already.

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