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New ICTOL site

Date:25 April 2016
Author:Sake Jager

Welcome to our new site! We have redesigned the ICTOL site to support Faculty of Arts staff better in using technology for teaching and learning. Staff training in digital skills and using pedagogically innovative tools in support of the university’s ambitions to create an activating, engaging, international learning environment are key priorities for the Faculty of Arts for the next few years.

The University of Groningen Strategy Plan 2015-2020 is an invitation to students, staff and management to explore how ICT can be used creatively and effectively as an integrated component of the learning process. What can be the role of technology in supporting the international classroom, learning communities and flipping the classroom? How can we integrate research and data-driven forms of ICT into educational practices?

The times are long past when the virtual learning environment (VLE) was primarily for sharing powerpoints and sending occasional emails to students. In addition to being students’ first port of call for information on any aspect related to their studies (through the Student Portal), our VLE Blackboard (aka Nestor) is increasingly used by teachers for supporting interaction between students, providing feedback on work completed and administering quizzes and exams in aid of students’ learning. And additional tools are available for supporting an even richer environment for learning, such as Blackboard Collaborate, Google Apps for Education, Futurelearn, Perusall, Feedback Fruits, TurnitIn and many other tools which can be accessed for free online or are available through a university licence. A key point in using these technologies is not only how they can make learning more effective and attractive for students, but also more efficiënt and time-saving for teachers.

Our redesigned website is intended to give our audience - primarily teachers in the Faculty or Arts - better access to information about innovations made possible through ICT and to offer them a platform for sharing good practices. Please let us know what you think of the site and how we can improve it to serve you better.

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