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Connecting the Greeks: Sporting Festivals in the Ancient World


Sporting festivals such as the Olympic Games were a foundational institution of ancient Greek society. Their heyday followed the conquests of Alexander, when Greek cities competed and collaborated to attract ever greater numbers of athletes and spectators to their own local festivals. This short lecture will examine the networks of connection formed by travel between festivals in the Hellenistic and Roman eras.

The speakers will discuss the impact of growing interest in festival athletics on regional identity, the political strategies of the Hellenistic kingdoms, and the entrance of Roman power into the Greek world, employing insights gained from network theory to explore fresh aspects of this famous, yet still poorly- understood, facet of Greek civic culture.

Why should you not miss out on this lecture?

Anyone interested in ancient history or in historical networks is likely to enjoy this mini-lecture – we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the subject or the project!


Adam Wiznura Adam Wiznura is a PhD student working on the project 'Festival Networks and Regional Identities'. He has obtained an MA in Classical Archaeology from the University of Alberta in Canada.
Tom Britton Tom Britton is a PhD student working on the project 'Festival Networks and Empire Formation'. He has obtained an MA in Greek History from the University of Oxford.
Robin van Vliet Robin van Vliet is a PhD student working on Rome-oriented cults and festivals in the Greek world. She has obtained an MA in Ancient History from Utrecht University.
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