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Taking classes

Lecture and examination timetables

Lecture and examination timetables can be found on the Faculty of Arts website: Here you will find up-to-date information about the timetables for Arts degree programmes. Please contact the Faculty Timetable Office ( if you have any questions about timetables.


You must enter your course unit schedule online every year in the program ProgRESS: .

The course unit schedule for the first semester of the first year is entered automatically. Note that you must enter your schedule for the second semester yourself. Once you are registered for a course unit, and provided you satisfy the relevant entry and progress requirements, you will in principle automatically be registered for the exam. The Office for Student Affairs will inform you of the procedure and conditions by e-mail, sent to your student mailaddress before the start of the lecture and exam period. Your student e-mail address will be automatically generated for you when you register for a degree programme at the University of Groningen, and will have the following format:


All first-year students, including HBO transfer students, will be assigned to workgroups by the secretariat based on the registrations in Progress. The workgroups will be announced through Brightspace in the week before the start of the lectures. Please report to the secretariat (seccet if you have not been assigned to a workgroup by the start of the semester. You may switch groups should you wish to do so. Please arrange any changes with your fellow students (using the e-mail button in Brightspace) and report them to both the American Studies cluster secretariat (seccet and the lecturer of your workgroup.

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