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About us Faculty of Arts Information for new Faculty of Arts students 2021-2022

Introduction for Pre-Master’s students at Faculty of Arts

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Welcome to this introduction page of the master programmes offered by the UG!

On the pages of this website (see the menu below) you will find everything you need to make a good start with your studies. You will find information about your timetable, your University of Groningen account, study books and much more.

Over the course of the summer, activities and news concerning your programme will be updated regularly on this webpage. It is important to revisit this page frequently and thereby ensure you keep up to date.

Registration at the University of Groningen

If your qualifications do not give you direct access to the Master’s programme of your choice at the Faculty of Arts, the Admissions Board of your degree programme may admit you provided that you first complete a Pre-Master’s programme. This programme will ensure that you have sufficient subject-specific theoretical and methodological knowledge and skills to be able to round off the Master’s programme successfully.

If you have questions about following a Pre-Master’s programme, the composition of the programme or the registration procedure, please contact the degree programme’s study advisor .

Your registration as a Pre-Master’s student at the UG must be complete before 1 September. Studielink provides an overview of everything you will need to arrange, Remember your ID and the fee for the Pre-Master’s programme. You will not be able to start the programme unless you have registered in Studielink by 1 September.

The Office for Student Affairs will deal with the administrative matters concerning your qualifications. The required documents include a letter from the Admissions Board and a copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate or graduation statement (the latter only applies if you have gained a Bachelor’s degree certificate from another university than the UG).

Please contact the UG Information Services if you have any further questions or need help.

Practical information

Welcoming Ceremony international students

We expect you to participate in the Welcoming Ceremony for international students organized by the University. The date and the way in which this event will be organized this year is yet not clear. So check this website regularly during the summer.

A lot of information will be given, for example:

  • how to open a bank account
  • applying for a residence permit
  • health insurance
  • accommodation/housing
  • registration at city hall

Practical information about studying and living in Groningen can be found here.

Practical information

Please check the following ‘to do’ list to make sure you are properly prepared when you start your degree programme.

Please be aware that you require a studentnumber, before you gain access to the StudentPortal, Progress and your student mail.

Watch this video to get to know the UG digital systems!

Functional impairment

If you have ADD, ADHD, ASS, dyslexia or another functional impairment that might affect your studies or study progress, please check this SSC link . If you would like to apply for special provisions, please check this Informatietool and also contact your study advisor as soon as possible, and in any case before 1 July 2021.

Education first semester

Corona and education semester 1 2021-2022

Every day thousands of people are vaccinated against the coronavirus and we get one step closer to living our regular lives. This means people and universities will slowly regain the opportunities they had before the pandemic. Therefore, the UG is optimistic regarding the possibilities for the education in the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022.


Subject to the governmental measures, the UG has decided to offer as much teaching on location as possible in the coming academic year. The Faculty of Arts hopes to organize classes as is usual: on-site without constricting measures. This means that we expect students to be physically present to follow their courses. We do wish to stress, however, that the execution of this schedule is dependent on the developments regarding Covid-19 and the governmental measures; we will always adhere to the applicable measures.

Keep up-to-date

On this webpage we will update you on the start of the academic year, and more specifically, with information about your degree programme. It is very important to check these pages from time to time to stay informed about news and activities that concern your study, for example your introduction day.

Additionally, we also try to inform prospective students on our corona-website by posting post news articles that relate to the entire Faculty of Arts, of which your degree programme is a part. We recommend that you keep an eye on that website from time to time.

Check the timetable before the start of semester 1 to see which lectures are given on-site and which are potentially taught online. Do keep in mind that there could be last minute adjustments to the timetable.

More information

Of course we understand it if you are concerned about (the start of) your studies. Do you have questions about things you cannot find an answer to on these two websites? Please do not hesitate to contact the study advisor of your study program.

We hope that you will have a great summer, and that you can start your studies with great enthusiasm after summer!

Buying readers and compulsory literature


Readers can be ordered from early August onwards. You can collect your readers from one of the Ricoh service points , for example in the Harmonie Building. Make sure you collect your readers by 7 September 2021 at the latest!

Compulsory literature

The Online Course Catalogue (Ocasys) provides overviews of the literature that you must buy for each course unit. You can order the books yourself from a high-quality bookshop, or join the study association of your programme and order all the literature at a discount.

Introductionactivities for Pre-Masterstudents

Not every degree programme organises an introduction for Pre-Master students. Please check the BA and MA Introduction webpages of your degree programme to see whether there are introduction activities you can take part in.

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