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Transparency – The inner drive

When we look back, we notice that, in many instances, there used to be - and there still is - external pressure. Pressure exerted by the market or by competitors. ‘He is doing it, so I can't stay behind’. In the last few years, we have seen a distinct shift from external pressure to inner drive.

twee mensen in overleg terwijl ze door een gang lopen

Corporate Reporting – a strategic choice

Undeniably, there are an increasing number of companies which provide annual reporting which includes a sustainability report, whether or not integrated. The significance of non-financial information in reporting is growing. Corporate Reporting is a strategic choice and will be part and parcel of future organisations.

Transparency – How and what?

The dilemma: voluntary or mandatory?

The government is faced with a dilemma which manifested itself for the first time when Directive 2014/95/EU was introduced.

  • Do we stick to the voluntary character of sustainability reporting (the inner drive)?
  • Is a legal obligation required (external pressure) and should the sustainability report be based on stakeholder assessment and materiality analysis?
  • Or do we need a greater number of controlling guidelines per sector?

Permanent reporting

This dilemma is cut across by the debate conducted about financial statements. The relative significance of financial statements is decreasing. It seems that the ways in which all kinds of information can be shared digitally are unlimited. Will businesses switch over to continuous reporting in the near future? Will stakeholders gain access to the deepest ‘registration vaults’ of organisations in order to gather information according to their needs? If this happens, will auditors still be able to provide an opinion on the reliability of these data?

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