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We all have goals we want to reach - for example in our social relations, in our job or study, or regarding our lifestyle and health. But sometimes it's not so easy: we often get bored, discouraged, or distracted from our goals. One way to help people overcome these problems might be gamification: linking the process of goal setting and goal monitoring to an attractive computer game, such that effective goal management practices can earn you extra points or resources for the game. But before a game like that can succeed, we need to know what would make it attractive to potential users, and how well it actually works (do people like it, does it help them, etc.). In this project, we collaborate with a game developer on a series of experimental studies to find out how this gamification works best for people with different personalities and preferences. Ultimately, this project will not only help further development of the game, but will also allow us to test and refine theories on motivation and goal setting in an applied setting.

Researchers and partners

Behavioural and Social Sciences, Psychology


Selection of BA and MA student projects
  • Gamification and the effects of regulatory fit
  • Gamification and the effects of regulatory fit
  • Gamification as a tool to improve self-efficacy


Successful grant proposals and other achievements
  • Faculty Collaboration Grant
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