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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Psychology Research Units Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology


The focus of the research unit Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology is on increasing the understanding of the associations between neuropsychological limitations and underlying brain dysfunctions and to contribute to the theory and evidence base of neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation.

We study attention, fitness to drive, visual perception, emotion and executive functions in clinical groups, taking into account how the different (dys)functions interact in patients. Particular emphasis is placed on the consequences of cognitive dysfunctions on the patients’ functioning in daily life. By this, the group’s research is very applied in nature.

Our research approach can best be described as multi-method: advanced experimental cognitive techniques and up-to-date neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation methods are complemented by psychophysiological and brain imaging techniques. Rehabilitation methods are developed for special needs and abilities. The close collaboration with the medical, biological and educational disciplines provides unique possibilities for interdisciplinary research.

The research unit strongly emphasizes the integration of fundamental and applied research, related to daily life activities and quality of life.

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