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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Psychology Practical information

About the organisation

Within the faculty there are ten organisational units: nine expertise groups and the teaching unit 'Academic Development and Skills'. Click on the name of a unit for more information.

Organisational unit Chair
Academic Development and Skills dr. J. A. M. (José) Heesink
Experimental Psychology prof.dr. D.H. (Hedderik) van Rijn
Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology prof. dr. G.H.M. (Marieke) Pijnenborg
Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology prof.dr. P.J. (Peter) de Jong
Developmental Psychology dr. M.W.G. (Marijn) van Dijk
Environmental Psychology prof. dr. E.M. (Linda) Steg
Organisational Psychology prof. dr. B.M. (Barbara) Wisse
Psychometrics and Statistics prof. dr. R.R. (Rob) Meijer
Social Psychology prof.dr. T.T. (Tom) Postmes
Theory and History of Psychology
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