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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Psychology Research Units Experimental Psychology


The focus of the research unit Experimental Psychology is on the dynamics of adaptive changes, both on the level of cognition in general - perception and attention in particular -, and on the level of neural processing, predominantly in healthy individuals, the study of which uses a wide range of methods, ranging from behavioral research to advanced neuroimaging.

We, humans, process information that comes in via our senses, and transform this information into a behavioural response, taking into account knowledge stored in our memory and the goals we want to accomplish. Flexible and efficient performance, necessitates that we continuously adapt to changes in our external and internal environment.

We showed that factors such as fatigue, ageing and learning have an influence on human behaviour and dynamics in the brain.

Apart from some notable exceptions, our research program is primarily curiosity-driven and is aimed at pressing forward our insight in and understanding of the dynamics in human performance and underlying brain mechanisms, acknowledging the uncertainties that can come with fundamental research trying to tackle new problems. This creates an optimal environment for young scholars who are being trained to engage with the challenges we encounter in our quest for knowledge with an open mind.

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