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Religion, Conflict and Globalisation Student

"This Master helps me understand contemporary religious conflicts and society"
Carolien Lindeman

As a future journalist I chose the Master’s degree programme in Religion, Conflict and Globalisation to enrich my knowledge about contemporary global conflicts. I am also taking a Master’s in Journalism and am writing a thesis on the use of social media during the 2011 revolts in Egypt. However, it wasn’t until I started my Master’s programme in Religion, Conflict and Globalisation that I gained a true understanding of the role and significance of social media in Egypt’s revolts.

The many different case studies that come to the fore during this Master’s programme are what I like best. I got to study the specifics of the religious conflict in Israel. I learned to question and define the meaning of fundamentalism and studied different forms of fundamentalism. These ranged from Christian fundamentalism in the US, to Jewish fundamentalism in Israel, to terrorist attacks in Tokyo by a Japanese sect. Together, we discussed the role of religion in the public sphere and the effects of globalisation on the psyche, in a religious sense and otherwise.

The multiple angles from which my committed teachers taught about religion, be it anthropological, philosophical or psychological, opened my eyes to the many ways religion can be understood. The freedom I was then given to explore these in my own essays, allowed me to combine Religious Studies with my previous Master’s in Journalism and Bachelor’s in American Studies. This multi-faceted Master’s is definitely intended for those not only interested in theoretical insights into religion but also into real-world reflections on contemporary society and religious conflicts.

Carolien Lindeman, student  of the Master’s degree programme in Religion, Conflict and Globalisation

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