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News on the Department of Marketing.

News 2022

Jochen Hartmann, assistant professor at the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business, was awarded the Wissenschaftspreis 2022 (Science Award) for his dissertation.

The EHI Retail Institute and GS1 Germany, the initiators of the Wissenschaftspreis, yearly award prizes to startups, cooperative projects (between universities, businesses & the industry) and academic projects that aim to provide retail companies with solutions to different challenges. This year, the advisory board and jury honored projects focused on digital twins, the social media data jungle and data-driven experience management. The dissertation award is endowed with 10,000 euros and recognizes cutting-edge research that aims to bridge academia and practice.

Hartmann’s award-winning dissertation titled ‘Machine Learning Methods for Data-Driven Marketing’ recognizes that the image of retail companies is no longer defined by advertising and corporate communication alone - via social media, customers now help shape the image of a company. Yet, an estimate of 80-95 percent of all data available to companies is unstructured. With deep learning, this wealth of unstructured data has been made accessible in the form of texts and images. In his dissertation, Dr. Jochen Hartmann - who did his postdoctoral training at the University of Hamburg and joined the University of Groningen at the beginning of 2022 – shows how variables can be automatically extracted from text and image data in order to enable new insights for marketing. All three essays from his dissertation are published in leading marketing journals (1x Journal of Marketing Research, 2x International Journal of Research in Marketing). Overall, his research results give an innovative, novel overview of text and image analysis and impressively illustrate the potential of the new deep learning technologies to glean insights from these unstructured data.

Congratulations, Jochen!


Our first MSc Marketing 'College Tour' took place at |Tuesday May 31st. The event was organized by two of our colleagues, Eyzo Bakker and Jasper van der Meij, in collaboration with the MARUG.

In these sessions students got the chance to talk to experts in the field of marketing to understand more about what it takes to work as a marketer/data analyst/customer journey specialist/marketing manager.

To make the sessions relevant for both students and the company, the College Tour sessions were split up in two sessions; one focusing on the Marketing Analytics & Data Science (MADS) track and the other on the Marketing Management track.

A very big thank you to our special guest speakers of KPN (Gijs Thieme, Geertje Spanjaard, Loes Baltussen and Sara Stip) and AdResults/Bigshopper (Jelmer van der Land, Tom van Putten, Robert Schippers, Thijs Kiewiet and Marcel Wiersma).

And of course…..great job in organizing Eyzo and Jasper! Well done guys!

collage of the college tour session

The second groupwise master marketing graduation ceremony is a fact…a big thank you to the chairs and supervisors of the Department of Marketing (FEB), University of Groningen and to the MARUG for participating in this event!



Research Camp 2022.

On March 31 and April 1 2022, the Groningen Invitational Research Camp 2022 took place in the Best Western Plus Hotel Groningen Plaza. This year the Department of Marketing (FEB), University of Groningen invited and hosted their colleagues from the Universität Hamburg. During the research camp, 7 PhD students from the marketing department of the University of Hamburg and 7 PhD students from the University of Groningen presented their research to an audience of over 40 scholars. The camp started with a joint lunch on Thursday, March 31. After a first series of four presentations in two parallel sessions, we joined again for a nice dinner and bowling with drinks. Friday morning the camp continued with the two parallel sessions, each consisting of three more presentations. The camp ended with a joint lunch, after which everyone departed back home.


Full Professor of Marketing Dynamics Maarten Gijsenberg

We are happy to announce that dr. ir. Maarten Gijsenberg has been appointed professor of Marketing Dynamics.

Maarten obtained his MSc in Business Engineering and his PhD in Marketing at the University of Leuven (Belgium). After his PhD, he became Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Louvain School of Management in Mons (Belgium), before moving to the University of Groningen in August 2011 where he got the same position. As of August 1, 2015 Maarten became Associate Professor of Marketing at University of Groningen.

His research mainly focuses on the econometric modelling of marketing decisions (timing and size of investments, targeting of actions) and their effectiveness, with special attention to the over-time dynamics of the latter (due to for instance the impact of both macro-economic and firm-specific crises on consumers’ behaviour), and main focus on advertising. Current research projects focus on the role of consistency and creativity in advertising effectiveness, strategic purchasing and returning behaviour of online customers, and the role of marketing investments in fostering firms’ resilience to macro-economic crises. Maarten´s work has been published in the Journal of Marketing Research, the International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Frontiers in Psychology, among others. Maarten also serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Research in Marketing, and has been serving as track chair for the annual EMAC conference since 2015.

As professor of Marketing Dynamics, Maarten will focus on the investigation of the over-time evolution in both marketing decisions and their resulting effects on outcome metrics that are relevant to consumers, companies, and/or society as a whole. While marketing research often focuses on short-term immediate effects based on cross-sectional data, he will explicitly take a long-term view. Maarten thereby investigates how over-time evolutions can be driven by history, timing, competitive interactions, and macro-economic fluctuations, among others. Relevant metrics include customer satisfaction and other mindset metrics, sales and market share, sustainable consumption and employment.

Nice fact: The very first time Maarten actually came to Groningen, was for the 2007 Marketing Dynamics Conference. 15 years later, he became full professor of Marketing Dynamics at the University of Groningen!

News 2021


We are very happy to welcome some more new colleagues at our Department of Marketing, University of Groningen.

More student’s means we need more teachers to make sure we can maintain offering high quality education. Therefore, we are very happy and excited to welcome six junior teachers to our department.

They will be teaching mainly in the various bachelor programmes of Economics & Business and will also be involved in supervising students who write their bachelor thesis. Please let us introduce them to you in random order:

Eyzo Bakker

Finished his master’s degree in International Business & Management at the University of Groningen last February.

Ivan Palko

Ivan achieved his bachelor International Business & Finance in Scotland, after that his pre-master in Marketing at the University of Groningen and he recently finished his master Marketing Management.

Hakhamanesh Nezami

Hakhamanesh studied the master Marketing Management at the University of Groningen and graduated a few months ago.

Mathijs Dimmers

Mathijs achieved his bachelor's in Marketing Management in the south of the Netherlands, at the University of Applied Sciences. Two years ago, he came to the University of Groningen to do his pre-master in Marketing, after which he finished his master's degree in Marketing Management.

Tijmen Jansen

Tijmen recently finished his master Marketing Management at the University of Groningen.

Jasper van der Meij

Studied the master Marketing Management at the University of Groningen and graduated in May 2021.


We are very pleased and excited to welcome several new Assistant Professors at our Department of Marketing, University of Groningen, in particular three new Tenure Track and two lecturers for the Marketing Analytics and Data Science profile of the MSc in Marketing. Hence, we proudly introduce them to you:

Tenure Track Assistant Professors:

dr. Suzanne Bies

Suzanne obtains her PhD from Tilburg University, The Netherlands, and she joins our department as of 01-10-2021. Her research fits with the tradition of empirical modelling and she studies topics related to customer behavior and loyalty programs.

dr. Manjunath Padigar

Manjunath is currently working on his PhD at the UTS Business School at Sydney (Australia). The core of his research is about investigating the outcomes of firms’ innovation responses to external environmental changes. He will join our department as of 01-01-2022.

dr. Jochen Hartmann

Jochen is now post-doctoral researcher at the University of Hamburg , Germany, and obtained his PhD from the same university. His work can be classified as quantitative marketing and he works on topics related to digital marketing, branding, and machine learning. Jochen will join us as of 01-04-2022.

Lecturers for the Marketing Analytics & Data Science profile:

dr. Carlo Calmasini

Carlo worked at the UNSW Business School, Sydney (Australia). His research is about Social Communication and Decision-Making. Carlo will start as of 01-09-2021.

dr. Ahmet Emin Tata

Emin is a mathematician, and is interested in Data Science to provide data driven solutions to challenging real-world problems. He previously worked at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dharaan, Saudie Arabie. Emin will join us as of 01-09-2021.


Check out the two vacancies at our Department of Marketing in the area of Quantitative Marketing / MADS:

Lecturer in Marketing Particular Marketing Analytics & Data Science 0.2-0.5 FTE (221118)

Tenure Track position for Assistant Professor in Marketing (1.0 FTE) (221119)

News 2020

Click here for the Inaugural speech of prof.dr. Jenny van Doorn: En(i)g? Robots en kunstmatige intelligentie in de dienstverlening

When: Tu 03-03-2020 16:15 - 17:00
Where: Aula Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

More information

  • Inaugural lecture: Prof J. van Doorn
  • Title: En(i)g? Robots en kunstmatige intelligentie in de dienstverlening
  • Chair: Service marketing
  • Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business


Prof. Jenny van Doorn is sharing insights from her research on robots, and illustrates the perks and perils of human-robot-interactions.  


Jenny also shared her thought on the police experimenting with robots at police stations at RTVNoord;

News 2019

Prof. dr. Jaap Wieringa is FEB Lecturer of the year 2019.

At the festive opening of the FEB Academic Year 2019-2020 on 5 September, prof. dr. Jaap Wieringa of the Marketing Department was announced Lecturer of the Year 2019!

Dinner with some members of the department of Marketing, University of Groningen to celebrate this memorable event (Tammo Bijmolt, Peter Verhoef, Peter Leeflang, Janny Hoekstra, Laurens Sloot, Koert van Ittersum, Jenny van Doorn, Jaap Wieringa & Michel Wedel)

Professor Jenny van Doorn got awarded € 50.000,- in funding from the Idea Generator Programm of the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) for the project
"Is a dialicet-speaking robot more easily accepted by the elderly?"

Research experiment Jan Koch & Jan Willem Bolderdijk at 'Noorderzon Festival'.

Jan Koch and Jan Willem Bolderdijk will have a stand at the 'Noorderzon Festival' this year for their experiment, related to their research on insect based food! Experience how exciting your diet is and treat your kids on a delicious cricket at 'De Speelweide' at the "Noorderplantsoen'.

MOAwards 2019!Noorderzon

MOAwards 2019!


Laurens Sloot; Insight Scientist Award of the year 2019!!

With his contribution on 'The Squeeze between 'discount' and 'digital'; new challenges for service supermarkets, Laurens Sloot of the University of Groningen won the Insight Scientist Award of 2019!


Nicole Engels ; Insight Professional on company side Award of the year 2019!!

The price of Insights Professional on company side of the year 2019 is awarded to Nicole Engels of the Dutch Public Broadcast Corporation NPO and member of the Marketing Advisory Board.

April 15, 2019: Visiting Mars Netherlands B.V. , The Largest Chocolate Manufacturer in the World.

This year, in the Brand & Product Management course, we collaborated with Mars Netherlands in developing and organizing the case competition. Thanks to our former MSc graduate, Ron Groen, who works at the Sales department of Mars, we were able to closely work with Mars and devise a branding case based on the challenges the company is currently facing in the market.

The case was introduced by Ron Groen at the beginning of the course in November 2018 to 145 students enrolled in the course, who fiercely competed for the best branding strategy until the end of Jan 2019 in the form of 27 teams. The real nature of the case and its interesting topic created excitement among students and increased the competition among the teams. The competition was intense, and the solutions provided by students were truly impressive and creative.


To evaluate the solutions and nominate the winners, we formed a jury consisting of myself, Elena Agachi (TA), Ron Groen, and the Marketing, Sales and brand managers of Mars. Indeed, due to the high-quality outputs of our students, the jury had a difficult time selecting the final winners. However, despite the close competition, the jury ultimately chose three teams, as the winners of the 2019 BPM competition.


The top three teams were invited to present their solutions in front of the Sales and Marketing managers in Mars on April 15, 2019, and received feedback. It was a fantastic experience to see our students confidently presenting their strategies in a friendly environment hosted by Mars. The presentations were followed by constructive comments and Q&A from Mars Sales and Marketing team. Importantly, we were informed on that day that Mars has decided to implement most of the proposed strategies, a piece of news which made us all very proud. Specifically, an idea about a new App solution and another one about a repackaging solution were selected for immediate implementation by Mars.


After the presentations and lunch, a tour had been organized where we visited all the chocolate manufacturing lines, including the famous Twix, Sneakers, Bounty, and Mars. Our tour guide was the most experienced person in the entire production facility, who has been working at Mars since 1972. He walked us through the fantastic history of the company and explained how new technology has revolutionized the scale and the speed by which chocolates are being produced these days.

Finally, we visited the managerial headquarter where the marketing and sales people were working together. We were generously welcomed by Mars staff and were exposed to their open-office, fun, and collaborative culture. The staff at the headquarter and the production facility were all part of a big family, friends, and united. We ended our tour with snacks, and friendly chats with the sales managers of Mars and students asked their questions concerning internships and recruitments at Mars.

mars visit

Overall, I am very proud of our students in the BPM course for their engagement with the case and their creative solutions. I am also very thankful to sales and marketing managers of Mars for hosting us so generously and spending a whole day with us so passionately. I would like to also specially thank Ron Groen without his active and close collaboration none of these would have been materialised. I hope this collaboration between RUG and Mars continues for many years to come.

Inaugural Groningen Invitational Research Camp 2019 .

On April 4-5, the inaugural Groningen Invitation Research Camp took place in the Fletcher Familiehotel Paterswolde. During the research camp, 16 PhD students from the marketing department of the Free University (VU, Amsterdam), HEC (Paris), and the University of Groningen presented their research to an audience of over 40 scholars. The camp started with a joint lunch on Thursday, April 4. After a first series of five presentations in two parallel sessions (one behavioral track and one strategy/modeling track), we joint again for a nice dinner and drinks. Friday morning the camp continued with the two parallel sessions, each consisting of three more presentations. The camp ended with a joint lunch, after which everyone departed back home.

The research camp has been initiated by the marketing department at the University of Groningen to allow PhD students to spend ample time on sharing their research and receiving feedback, input, and suggestions from a variety of different scholars. Moreover, it allows the PhD students and other attending scholars to network with colleagues from different marketing departments in the Netherlands and abroad. The plan is to make this an annual event and to invite a different marketing department every year. The current plan is to invite the marketing department of the University of Hamburg to Groningen next year.

Below are some pictures the inaugural Groningen Invitational Research Camp.


Jenny van Doorn has been appointed as an Associate Editor at the Journal of Service Research.

Karel Jan Alsem his Strategische Marketingplanning (7th ed, 2017) will be published as international, English version entitled Applied Strategic Marketing by Routledge, to be published April 2019.  

In January, Bob Fennis taught a course on Advanced Experimental Research Design at ISM in Vilnius. The course was attended by PhD candidates and staff of ISM, BI (Oslo), and the RUG.

Overall it was a very interesting and useful week that both refreshed some existing knowledge and provided new insights and approaches to experimental research. Besides the academic part, it was also nice to catch up with friends and colleagues from other universities.


News 2018

Paper of Felix Eggers with Erik Brynjolfsson and Avi Gannamaneni was released as a NBER working paper:

It was featured on the FEB blog ( and was also picked up by the press:

Lara Lobschat is nominated for the MOA Insights Scientist 2018 (alongside Lisette de Vries) and presented my research (specifically my JMR paper and my view on digital advertising) to the jury on April 26 in Amsterdam. The decision who will be the winner will be announced on June 6 - so keep those fingers crossed. :)

Paper of Maarten Gijsenberg "Price and Advertising Effectiveness over the Business Cycle" (the second paper of my PhD dissertation, published in JMR in 2013) together with Harald van Heerde, Marnik Dekimpe and Jan-Benedict Steenkamp is finalist for the 2018 William O'Dell Award for long-term impact. Winner to be announced at summer AMA.

Karel Jan Alsem is supervising 25 students from IBR in China, with finance colleague Henk von Eije. They stayed in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing and return May 16. Besides working on nine different projects, a.o. for Akzo Nobel and KLM, they celebrated Kings Day with the consul in Shanghai, and visited the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.


Top Master by the "Keuzegids Masters 2018".

We are happy to share that our Master Marketing is one of the selected Top Master’s degree programmes by the "Keuzegids Masters 2018" again.

More information can be found on the following link (unfortunately for the moment predominantly in Dutch).


News 2017

“Advanced Methods for Modeling Markets” is now available!

In 2015, we published our book "Modeling Markets", a textbook providing the basics of marketing modeling, along with the classical steps of the model building process. In the brand new "Advanced Methods for Modeling Markets" that we published recently, more advanced methods for specifying, estimating and validating marketing models are covered. Together, they present a comprehensive overview of modeling techniques for students and scholars in the marketing science discipline.

The new book covers the following topics:

  • Models for advanced Analysis , including individual demand models, time series analysis, state space models, spatial models, structural models, mediation, models that specify competition, and diffusion models
  • Models with latent variables , including mixture models, hidden Markov Models, structural equation models, and partial least squares
  • Specific estimation methods and issues , including generalized methods of moments, Bayesian analysis, non-/semi-parametric estimation, and endogeneity issues
  • Big data and machine learning

An impressive list of 24 of authors contributed to this book. We would like to thank them for their wonderful cooperation! Both books are available through You can find them here and here.


Feb 24-26 saw the third Research Meeting in Marketing in Westerbork, the Netherlands.

Over forty participants from the University of Groningen, KU Leuven, BI Oslo, ISM Vilnius and HEC Paris discussed consumer behavior and quantitative marketing research both in its infant and advanced stages. Sessions featured informal, constructive and supportive discussion in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Here's a picture of the participants.

Next year's event will be hosted by BI Oslo and probably take place in the Leuven area. Interested in joining? Please contact Bob Fennis at b.m.fennis

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